Molecular basis of Inheritance Online Test

Who coined the term Genetic code?

Synthesis of DNA is called?

Transfer of information from mRNA to a polypeptide chain is called?

An anticodon of tRNA can recognise more then one codon of mRNA. It is ..?

Khorana first deciphered the triplet codons of?

The double helix is of constant diameter of?

Circular DNA is present in?

What is true of Watson and Crick's model of DNA?

Which step of translation does not consume high energy phosphate bond?

DNA fingerprinting was invented by?

One gene-one enzyme hypothesis states that

Human genome project started in the year

Which of the following group of codons is called as degenerate codons?

During transcription , RNA polymerase holoenzyme binds to a gene promoter

and assumes a saddle-like structure. What is its DNA binding sequence?

Balbiani rings are found in?

In the genetic dictionary, there are 64 codons as

RNA contains


This test will test your knowledge about some important biology topics like DNA, its structure,DNA replication, Transcription and translation.
Other topics included are DNA Fingerprinting, Human Genome project and One Gene-one enzyme hypothesis

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