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N T Rama Rao was the chief minister of which Indian state?

Who is the president of BCCI?

Pondicherry on the south west of India, was a colony of which European Power?

Puri Jagannath temple is also known as

Name the oldest football club in India

Jennifer Paes is the renound player of

Which is the longest road in India?

Who is the Governor of Uttar Pradesh?

Who was the Greek Goddess of Witchcraft?

What is the Island of Pearls?

"Dhopkhel" is a famous traditional game of which Indian state?

Due to its criss-crossing canals, which Kerela town is also called as "The Venice of the East"?

Which European country banned "Burqa"?


dinesh KUMAR

good questions

4011 days 23 hours 41 minutes ago

Kavitha a

questions are nice. but u should update the details of ministers and governors.

4013 days 17 hours 44 minutes ago


hi i m rahul

4019 days 16 hours 56 minutes ago


cm of andhra pradesh is kiran reddy.

4021 days 15 hours 33 minutes ago

shivi kapoor
Seeking graduation
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