Who-Whom ( Word Choice ) Online Test

At red lights, my friend Javier tries to race [whoever/whomever] pulls up beside him.

Susan, [who/whom] was in an ugly mood, pushed past a Girl Scout trying to sell cookies.

Noel, [who/whom] I’ve known since middle school, has decided to trade in his ancient Honda.

You should try to impress [whoever/whomever] has a fat wallet.

The Johnsons, [who/whom] everyone in the neighborhood hates, let their noisy dogs bark all night.


Identify the difference between who/whoever and whom/whomever.
Tip: Who and whoever will be the subjects of verbs. Use these forms when a sentence has a leftover verb that needs a subject.

Whom and whomever will be objects in sentences—direct or indirect objects and objects of a preposition. Use these forms when every verb in a sentence already has a subject.


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