Managment Accounting Test

Common SIze Statement cannot find out relationship between :

Point out from the following which is not a secured loan

Analysis is a must for interpretation.

Common size statement is also called as ___% statement.

Performance over two years can be Understood from

Increase/Decrease is a method of preparation of :

Share capital is Rs. 1500000, Reserves Rs 1000000, Formation Expenses Rs. 10000. Debentures Rs. 500000. Public Deposits Rs. 300000. Calls in Arrears Rs. 10000. Find Net Worth:

Provision for taxation is a charge against

Underwriting commission is a

Common Size statement is a horizontal analysis.

In common size Income statement capital employed is considered equal to 100.

Loose tools should be shown under Current Assets.

Authorised capital is the minimum capital that can be raised by a company.

Balance Sheet shows result of Activities.

________ Analysis shows trend in performance.

Comparative statement is a part of ________ analysis.

Profit on sale of furniture is a _______ income.

Trade mark is an ________ Asset.

Public Deposits should be shown under ___________.

Securities premium should be disclosed under ______.


Peace be on U all,
Test specially for Mumbai University - T.Y. students for Management Accounting.
Though any Accounts student could try ;)
First two important chapters in this subject and easy scoring too - Analysis & Interpretation of Financial Statements.
All the Best.


Othata Nkhii

Fixed cost are conventionally deem to be;

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