English Evaluation Test

I'm busy at the moment. _______________on the computer.

I'll tell Anne the news when ___________ her.

The librarian asked us _____________ so much noise.

I need to buy ____________________

You can see the details ___ the computer screen.

They raised the money simply ______________ for it.

My friend ______________ the answer to the question.

We _____________ to Ireland for our holidays last year.

Our friends _______________ meet us at the airport tonight.

_________________ a party next Saturday. We've sent the invitations.

The chemist was open, so luckily I___________ buy some aspirin.

I'm tired. _______________over 400 miles today.

We haven't had a holiday for _________ time.

Someone _____________ the tickets are free.

When Martin ___________ the car he took it for a drive.

At nine yesterday morning ______________ for the bus.

Sue has to work very hard. I ____________ do her job.

At this time tomorrow _______________ over the Atlantic.

We had a party last night. __________ spend all moning cleaning up.

___________ I carry that bag for you?

We can't go along here because the road is _____________.

The driver was arrested for failing ___________ the accident.

Someone suggested _________________ for a walk.

If the bus to the airport hadn't been late we ___________ the plane.

My father used the money to set _____ his own company.


25 questions to assess your level in English.
English grammar test, mostly testing your knowledge of verb forms.



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basah akan terbentuk karat (Fe2O3. nH2O).
Reaksi pembentukan karat, yaitu

1965 days 2 hours 8 minutes ago


a. Besi kasar : kadar karbon lebih besar dari 3,5%, tidak dapat http://goo.gl/sHibPg http://bit.ly/2bfykUC
b. Besi : kadar karbon lebih besar dari 2,5%, tidak dapat ditempa.

1965 days 2 hours 11 minutes ago


There is something wrong with question 16. The sentence has no subject so it isn't possible to choose which answer is correct.

2181 days 14 hours 39 minutes ago

Sree Sanjay


2483 days 4 hours 54 minutes ago

Shyam Job

thanks for the test

2758 days 16 hours 24 minutes ago



2901 days 22 hours 50 minutes ago

Parveen Parm Saroya

what was my English level in this test?

2958 days 7 hours 21 minutes ago

Helen Wahlberg

Thanks for the test. I learn a lot

3782 days 9 hours 35 minutes ago


Thanks for the test.Its very useful..:)

4033 days 17 hours 12 minutes ago

arlene toledana

the test is splendid..should you put what would be the english level of each person taking the test?(based on their scores)

4034 days 14 hours ago

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