AIEEE Chemistry Classification of Elements and Periodicity in Properti Online Test

Which among the following elements have lowest ionization enthalpy?

The increasing order of the first ionization enthalpies of the elements B, P, S and F (lowest first) is

The order of electron affinity of F, Cl, Br, I, is:

The elements with atomic numbers 9, 17, 35, 53, 85 are all

According to the periodic law of elements, the variation in properties of elements is related to their.

Which statement is wrong about C and Si?

The increasing order of the atomic radius for the elements Na, Rb, K and Mg is

Which of the following is most electronegative?

In the long form of periodic table, all non- metals are placed in

The negative electron gain enthalpies of halogens follow the order


Some sample questions for Classification of Elements and Periodicity in Properties



gud website 4 self study................

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i guess 7 ans is wrong

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Good enough to do but I've expected a difficult test.

3892 days 16 hours 22 minutes ago


good work

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arun pratap singh

this website is very supporting for students

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