Windows Server 2008 Active Directory Configuring Online Test

which of the following resource records is not used by a DNS service to Provide the reverse lookup

feature ?

Which of the following DNS resource records is not contained in a stub zone?

___are used to prepare servers authoritative for non-root zones so that they can learn and discover

authoritative servers that manage domains located at a higher level or in other subtree of the DNS domain


Wich of the following tools is used to verify whether the zone delegation is properly configured?

Considering that there is no hardware limition, what is the maximum number of server roles that can be

assigned to a server running Windows Server 2008?

Members of which of the following groups can perform actions in multiple domains within a forest?

Which of the following operations master roles can not be assigned to a domain controller that also holds

global catalog server role?

Knowledge Consistency Checker (KCC) prefers which of the following for Active Directory inter-site


"The very first domain controller installed into the root domain of the forest is always given the role of

global catalog server"

Which of the following features of Windows Server 2008 allows you to install and run different operating

systems on a single computer?

Which of the following tasks cannot be performed by the Active Directory Users and Computers tool?

Which of the following Active Directory objects does not depend on the DNS namespace?

Sabu, a Network Administrator, wants to ensure that the logon/logoff scripts of all the users in the network

are accessible from all the domains. In which of the following shares should he place scripts?

Sabu work as a network administrator for authorGEN . The company has an Active Directory based

Windows single forest network. OUs are configured separately for each Department. All the Departements

users and computers are placed in their respective OUs. A Domain-level OU is also configured on the

network to implement Domain-wide policies. Sid, a Sales Manager complains that he is unable to access an

application. Sabu suspect that a group policy is preventing Sid from accessing the application. Sabu want to

find out the effective group policies on Sid. Which command-line tool will Sabu use to accomplish the task?

Manoj work as a Network Administrator for authorGEN. The Company has a Windows Server 2003-

based network. The company wants to upgrade all its Windows 2003 servers to Windows Server 2008.

Before upgrading the servers, manoj want to test the new operating system and its reliability. Manoj also want

to test various different operating systems. Which of the following features of Windows Server 2008 allows

Manoj to install and run different operationg systems on a single computer?


Windows Server 2008 Active Directory Configuring


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