Test your Excel Knowledge UPDATED !

Each green cell contains exactly the same formula (ie =CellAbove ). How come each one displays a different result?

The following formula should show "Fair", "Good" or "Excellent" depending on the value of A1 but there is an error in the logic. What value produces an incorrect result?


The range name "EmployeeLookupTbl" has been correctly defined to refer to the shaded area. What needs to be fixed in B5 and B6 so the functions show Pierre Francois' information rather than Graeme Smith's.

Why does the SUM function in B7 show zero?

I have a spreadsheet with many rows and columns of data as shown below. Yet when I print the entire sheet, only the highlighted range is printed. Why?

What's wrong with the function in B7 below?

What does the word "Calculate" indicate when displayed in the status bar?

Cell B10 is being edited. B8 contains the formula =SUBTOTAL(9,B4:B7). What number will appear in B10 once the user presses Enter?

Why doesn't the SUM formula in E10 show an answer of $30,000?

Why could the formulas in C3 and C4 cause #VALUE! errors?


How well do you know Excel ?

These questions appeared in a previous test "Test your Excel Knowledge". As some questions were not visible, I have recreated this test.

There are 10 challenging questions . For your own benefit, try to complete the exam with Excel (and its online help) closed.

Even if you don't know the answers, have a guess anyway ... we'll tell you all the answers anyway, and you might learn something!

NOTE: This was developed using Excel 2003. Except for certain menu commands explained in the answer, you should be able to do the test in Excel 2007.


Lisa Den

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450 days 14 hours 47 minutes ago

Nish Gau

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2032 days 10 hours ago


So glad I found this... Need to refresh after 2 yrs not really using Excel to the fullest.

2090 days 2 hours 23 minutes ago

Nitesh Mandal

if in one cell (3+3) is there how to do the sum in other cell

2480 days 21 hours 24 minutes ago

Pankaj Sharma

wow mouch cell in excel sheet

2517 days 15 hours 57 minutes ago


Loved this test! I really liked the use of screenshots. It's a very practical way of testing understanding rather than just asking general formatting/layout questions. I copied the data on my own spreadsheet so I could understand the hows and whys of the formulas and learned a lot of new things. Just a FYI: if you don't understand a formula, you can See more

2640 days 7 hours 29 minutes ago

C. Robinson

This test should be simpler...please post more tests that show that you understand the rudimentary aspects of the program first. This is much more detailed.

3124 days 23 hours 22 minutes ago

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