How to buy a gift Online Test

What is a good gift for a Mother?
a book or magazine
something you have made yourself..card, picture, photo
What would you give a father for a gift?
Card or something you have made
Socks, tie or some form of clothing
Something to eat...cookies, snack,
Something useful like a gadget, keyring, desk ornament, pen
What would you give someone who is ill in Hospital
A fluffy toy or ornament
What would you give a girlfriend for a first gift?
Diamonds or jewellery
Flowers or a potplant
Chocolates or food
What would you give a boyfriend or male friend as a first gift?
Watch or wallet
Book or magazine, gadget or something small like a pen or key ring
What is a good gift for a family?
Something they can share like a box of cookies or Candy
A cake or a plate of food
Fruitbasket or fruit and flowers
Chocolates and wine
What is a good gift for a special girlfriend?
Flowers or a potplant
Something personal like a bracelet, earrngs, necklace, anklet or jewellery box
Underwear or personal clothing
If you are invited out for dinner to a friends house, what would you take as a gift?
Wine, juice or chocolates
Flowers or potplant
Food or fruit
A household gift like a bowl or a vase
What would you take as a gift for grandparents or someone in the Older Age group?
Food such as a mixed hamper or a selection of something special like dried fruits, preserves or cheeses
A huge bunch of flowers and some chocolates
Something for the garden or a potplant
Chocolates or cookies
What gift would you buy for a young child?
Always something that makes a noise or has some action..ball, game, toy, novelty item, kite, flashing object
A huge fluffy Toy
Food or Chocolate novelty items
A puzzle or board game
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