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Q1: Why does the SUM function in B7 show zero?

The following formula should show "Fair", "Good" or "Excellent" depending on the value of A1 but there is an error in the logic. What value produces an incorrect result?



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CoachExcel .


Thanks for trying out my test. In fact, this test has some issues with seeing the questions. Therefore, I have posted the same test with corrections titled "Test your Excel Knowledge UPDATED!" which will be available soon. Also you will have one more test on Excel 2007 basics as well.

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2036 days 19 hours 34 minutes ago

CoachExcel .

Dear All,
I am really sorry,

I found out only later that in most of the questions, the picture is over lapping the question so that, you all could not have got the question right.

I will post this test again with those corrections.

Thanks a lot

2037 days 30 minutes ago



2037 days 3 hours 59 minutes ago

CoachExcel .
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