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A 48-bit (six octet) address burned into a network interface card is:

UDP is a connectionless and unacknowledged protocol, works on :

The protocol number for TCP & UDP is:

Institute for Electrical and Electronic Engineers Standard 802.3 stands for:

IEEE 802.3z stands for:

Router work in which layer in osi layer?

TCP is a connection-oriented, reliable protocol, works on:

Repeaters work only at the_________ layer of the OSI network model.

Which of the following is a Class C IP address?

Match the following :

1.Segments A. Associated with Data Link Layer

2. Packets B. Associated with Network Layer

3. Frames C. Associated with Transport Layer

What is true about IP routing?

Which router component is used to store the routing table:

The address resolution protocol (ARP) is used for:

________ is a Virtual Machine Control routine
All of the above
In packet switched net work_______?
Dedicated path exists
Data is sent continuously
Data is sent in a sequence of small chunks
None of the above

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