Sample Paper For FIITJEE Reward Talent Examination [FTRE] Online Test

A person on a straight line moves with a uniform velocity V1 for some time and with uniform velocity V2 for next equal time. The average velocity V is given by:-

The numerical ratio of magnitude of displacement to distance is

The velocity-time graph of a particle is shown below. The acceleration of the particle is highest at


Time 't'





A solid cannot be


If a mole were to contain 1x 10 particles, the mass of one mole of oxygen is

Blood cells are produced in

Plants and animals show features which help them to survive in specific habitats this is called

Which of the following is complex tissue?

If 60% of the students in a class are boys, and total girls are 420, then the number of boys are

A dealer buys a watch for Rs.225 and spent and spends Rs.15 on its repair. If he sells it for Rs.300, what is the profit percent



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I want pre mock test paper for fiitzee test.plz available me

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