CAIIB-New Syllabus : Bank Financial Management Online Test

There are a large no. of participants in forex market that may include (a) Central Banks (b) commercial banks (c) investment banks (d) forex brokers (e) companies (f) individuals. Which of the following combination is correct in the above context:

Which of the following is correct statements:

Whose approval is required for appointment of dealer by a bank:

The gap between the buying rate and selling rate of a currency is called:

From bank’s angle, when there is inflow of foreign exchange and out flow of rupees, these transactions are called:

Risk of failure of the counter party due to bankruptcy, closure or any other reasons before maturity of the contract, forcing the bank to cover the contract at ongoing market rates, is called:

Under a forward contract the ____ of any _____ price movement of future is removed or covered because price is fixed at the time of contract:

Exchange of pre-determined streams of interest structures are known as:

‘Our account with you’ refers to what kind of account out of the following:

Which among the following is not an approved mode for opening a non-resident ordinary account by a non-resident Indian:

An NRI has been issued a credit card by your bank. The balance drawn by him under the card shall be adjusted by which of the following:

An exporter M/s Delhi Exports dealing with your branch receives an export order for export of certain spices. As per terms of the contract for sale of which a letter of credit is to be received subsequently, the goods are to be delivered by the exporter to the shipping company without putting the goods on board the ship (i.e. to be kept by the side of the ship). Which of the following kinds of contract it will be termed?

In red-clause letter of credits:

Which among the following is the authority which has prescribed the Uniform Customs and Practices for Documentary Credits guidelines, applicable for inland letters of credits:

Shipment date in a letter of credit is stipulated as ‘in the beginning of the month’. This expression means that the shipment can take place during:


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Sir I want Caiib bank financial management to enroll.its not getting enrolled . kindly help a soon as possible as exam is nearby

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Please sent me CAIIB Bank Financial Management model question paper for practice. Email Id.

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g lalitha,i attemted caiib 3 attemps but failed bfm all time i am gettimg 46,43,44,45
how can i can prepare to get passmarks

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I have some last pages of Objective of BFM of study materials, i.e. from page 117 onwards, RBI Circulars. can you please send me to.... at K Venkat Raman, Manager, Punjab National Bank, Circle Office, The Mall, Kennedy Road, VARANASI (UP). Mobile 9839507017

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Hello sir,can u please send model test questions specially numericals of BFM,IIBF has made CAIIB tougher this will be a great help.
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Please send me financial management numerical questions for practice. email id -

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Pls send me bank financial management numerical question for practice. email Id is.

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