Website Basics Online Test

When adding an image to your website, what must you always remember to add to your image?

How can you change the entire look of your website in WordPress?

'Blog' is short for __________________?

Email marketing is ideally used to ____________?

WordPress is ____________.

To succeed in this class you must:

Who owns the internet?

You must be an expert in _________________ to build a website.

WordPress is ___________________

Congrats! You've made it to the end. Now, tell me, can you build your own website?


Priscilla _

Thank you for the quick assessment. I reviewed the two that I missed and I understand why. Thanks for the test.
Priscilla with S.E.E.
Speak Excellent English

3877 days 1 hours 17 minutes ago

Tanja P
An open mind opens doors.
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