Biology Test By Dr Biswas of BBIPL 3 of 3

In the diagram of section of brain given below different parts are indicated by alphabets ;choose the answer in which these alphabets have been correctly matched with the parts they indicate: /
A = Cerebral hemisphere, B = Corpus callosum, C = Thalamus, D = Pineal gland,E = Cerebellum, F = Pituitary, G = Medulla oblongata
A = Cerebral hemisphere, B = Thalamus, C = Corpus callosum) D = Pineal gland E = Pituitary, F = Medulla obtongata, G = Cerebellum
A = Corpus callosum, B = Cerebral hemi- sphere, C = Pituitary, D s Pineal gland, E = Thalamus
A = Cerebral hemisphere, B = Corpus callosum, C = Thalamus, D = Pineal gland, E = Pituitary, F s Cerebellum, G =Medulla oblongata.
Olecranon process is a kind of
Investing bone
Membrane bone
Cartilaginous bone
Sesamoid bone
Haversian canals are found in
Spinal cord
Long bones
Both lipids and proteins can flip-flop
While lipids can rarely flip-flop, proteins can not
While proteins can flip-flop, lipids can not
Neither lipids nor proteins can flip-flop
Which one of the following pairs of plant structures has haploid number of chromosomes?
Megaspore mother cell and antipodal cell
Egg cell and antipodal cells
Nucellus and antipodal cells
Egg nucleus and secondary nucleus
The C4 plants are photosynthetically more efficient than C3 plants because
The CO2 compensation point is more
CO2 generated during photorespiration is trapped and recycled through PEP carboxylase
The CO2 efflux is not prevented
They have more chloroplasts
In human adult females oxytocin___________
Is secreted by anterior pituitary
Stimulates growth of mammary glands
Stimulates pituitary to secrete vasopressin
Causes strong uterine contractions during parturition
Gel eletrophoresis is used for /
Cutting of DNA into fragments
Separation of DNA fragments according to their size
Construction of recombinant DNA by joining with cloning vectors
Isolation of DNA molecule
Example of restriction endo nuclease is_______
pUC 18
What is vital capacity of our lungs ?
Inspiratory reserve volume plus tidal volume
Total lung capacity minus expiratory reserve volume
Inspiratory reserve volume plus expiratory reserve volume
Total lung capacity minus residual volume
Calcium oxalate crystals are /
Structure responsible for formation of sigmoid notch is /
Olecranon process of humerus
Olecranon process of femur
Olecranon process of radius ulna
Olecranon process of scapula
The vertebral column is connected to the pelvic girdle in the
Coccygeal region
Sacral region
Lumbar region
Cervical region
Given below is a diagram of the left human hindlimb as seen from front. It has certain mistakes in labeling. Two of the wrongly labelled bones are /
Tibia and tarsals
Femur and fibula
Fibula and phalanges
Tarsals and femur
The gliding joints are important for gliding movements. One example of such a joint is between the
Zygapophysis of adjacent vertebrate
Hurnerus and the glenoid cavity
Occipital condyle and odontoid process
Femur and tibio-fibula
Two vertebrae
Two skull bones
Humerus and ulna
Tail vertebrae
Which one of the following is NOT a characteristic of phylum annelida?
Closed circulatory system
Ventral nerve cord
Importance of day length in flowering of plants was first shown in:
In humans, blood passes from the post caval to the diastolic right atrium of heart due to:
pushing open of the venous valves
suction pull
stimulation of the sino auricular node
pressure difference between the post caval and atrium

The test pattern for Biology CBSE PMT and other State examinations, IAS prelim, SAT, AP Biology and NET UGC and related examinations comprises four to five multiple choices for an answer. One could be the most appropriate and right answer and needs to be marked. It is advisable not to answer if you are not sure so as not to lose marks.


diksha sharma

the answer of Q no 10 shud be ECOR1

4165 days 14 hours 50 minutes ago

Riyazuddin Ahmed

I have doubt in answer of Q No. 10 of BBIPL 3 of 3. Anwer shd. be Eco RI [option (b)]

4315 days 19 hours 15 minutes ago


nice and effective test

4580 days 17 hours 57 minutes ago

Professor/SME/Instructor in Biology (NEET/AIIMS)
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