7th Grade Social Studies Final Exam Practice Test

What is the largest ethnic grouip in the Middle East?

What is the religion of most Persians?

What is the holy book for the Islamic religion?

What led to the split between the Sunni and Shia in Islam?

What country is home to most Persians?

In which country do the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers begin?

The climate in the Middle East can best be described as:

What is anything that slows down or prevents trade between countries?

Canals, water wheels, and qanats are built along the rivers in the Middle East for the purpose of ___________.

12.) An economy in which the people have ultimate control over what they buy and sell is called a ________ _________.

An economy in which the government has absolute control over what is bought and sold in a country is called a __________ __________.

An economy based on past customs and traditions is called a _________ ____________.

Most modern are economies are a blend of Market and Command, this is referred to as a __________ __________.

The availability of natural resources is important to a country’s economy. Some natural resources are renewable. Which of the following is an example of a renewable resource?

Most of Israel’s soil is poor quality for farming. How has Israel been able to solve this problem and provide enough food for its people?

What is the system for exchanging currencies between nations called?

Human capital is the ____________ and ____________ that a worker has and develops that makes him/her valuable to a company.

The Persian Gulf and the Arabian Sea are connected by this water way:

What is the largest river in the Middle East?

The building of _________ has created conflicts between countries sharing rivers in the Middle East.


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Good K-based question.

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If you could add holy Bible.. why not to two other.

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nice test

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