Basic Geography - check your Geography Online Test

the minimum distance between the sun and the earth occurs on

the moon's period of revolution with reference to the sun is

the longest day in Australia will be on

the south pole experiences continuous light at the time of

A day is added when one crosses

Preening is associated with the cultivation of

Sugar beet is produced maximum in

Sudbury in Canada produces on large scale

Which of the following is the largest producer of copper?

Pakistan’s nuclear power plant is located at

Rhine valley in France is known for mineral deposits of

Which of the following producer of Bauxite?

Which of the following countries is the largest producer of coal?

Which one of the African countries is richer than others in gold and diamond?

Gas pipeline from Oman to India through the Arabian Sea would terminate in

Natural gas is a

The leading producer of sulphur is

Which type of forest belt supplies most of the world’s requirement of newsprint?

India leads the world in the export of

What is the meaning of Embargo?

K.L.M., a world wide airlines, belongs to which of the following countries?


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