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Teacher's of English ideally expected to have, except,

Grammar affects your students performance in all four aspects, except,

When a student makes an error, you should able to:

Transformational model is ___________

__________ focused their attention to describing the forms of the spoken languange.

___________ did attend to meaning and usage as well as form.

___________ produced multivolume grammars of the english language in which generalizations about form and usage are represented in an expository fashion, etc.

__________ believed in the need for scientific rigor in linguistic description.

Study of words and phrases.

Study of realationship of words and meaning.

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This is a short quiz about Structure of English based on the book THE GRAMMAR BOOK An ESL/EFL Teacher's Course.


Ben English Class

Hope this teacher look at question 3, and will have a better correction for a minor problem

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Panchali Sen

Nice test.Create more

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