Advanced Level English Test for TOEFL-iBT

Many States have made provisions for the ________ of Death Penalty as a punishment to criminals especially as a tool for political repression.
Since its inception in 1991, the organization has done a lot to __________ the cause of World Peace.
A vehicle crossing a bridge exerts external dynamic forces on the bridge which must be _______ by internal forces within the bridge.
The needle is ______ through the skin into the vein and the contents of the syringe are ________ through the needle into the bloodstream.
Insertion, Injection
Inserted, Injected
Injection, Insertion
Injected, Inserted
In Economics, a Monopoly is implies a single seller determines the price of the product. A Monopoly should be distinguished from Monopsony, in which there is only one buyer of a product or service. The “which” in the sentence stands for:
One buyer
This piece of writing is a typical case of FORESHADOWING where the author provides sufficient hints to the reader about what would follow in the story. The word ‘foreshadow’ is closest in meaning to:
As the tadpole mature, the animal METAMORPHOSIZES, it grows its limbs gradually and then, outwardly absorbs its tail. Lungs develop at the time the legs develop. The word ‘Metamorphosize’ is closest in meaning to:
The evolution of a frog from the tadpole stage
A biological process by which an animal physically develops and their is a change in its body structure
Baby tadpole grows into bigger tadpole
The absorption of tail by the animal
In the process called Casting, the liquid is poured and left into the hollow mold. The liquid eventually gets solidified and then, this part also known as Casting is ejected or broken out of the mold. The word ‘ejected’ is closest in meaning to:
Turned out
The level of moisture in the home is crucial for a healthy home environment. Too ______ moisture in the home causes dryness of the nose and respiratory systems, while too _______ moisture leads to numerous health impacts, health hazards, and structural home damage.
More, Less
Little, Much
Much, Little
Less, Much
Excessive moisture is undesirable and can cause rot in wood or other organic material, corrosion in metals and short circuits in electrical points. The word ‘undesirable’ is closest in meaning to:
Under capitalism, factory work (through the division of labour) turns labour from a social activity into an individuated process, alienating workers from each other. Factory work dehumanizes workers by giving them repetitive tasks which require no free, creative input. Thus workers are alienated from their human potential. The word ‘alienate’ is closest in meaning to:
To separate
To rise
To care about
To work together
Another analytical method of psychotherapy is Active imagination propagated by Carl Jung. It involves opening oneself to the unconscious and giving free rein to fantasy, while at the same time maintaining an active, attentive, conscious point of view. The word ‘rein’ is closest in meaning to:
Release from restraint
(A) An organism's observable characteristics, like height, hair texture, skin color, or ear shape, are known as its phenotype. (B) Adult height, for instance, is due partly to nutrition (an environmental influence), and partly to a set of genes governing things such as rate of bone growth, sensitivity to specific hormones, and the like. (C) Phenotype includes not only large-scale characteristics such as height, but every expressed trait, including the types and amounts of all the proteins produced in each cell in the body. The sentence given below can be placed best at: The phenotype is determined partly by the environment and partly by the set of genes that the organism inherited from its parents.
Mutualism between individuals of different species implies a relationship between them where both individuals derive a fitness benefit. Mutualistic relationships may be either OBLIGATE for both species, Obligate for one but facultative for the other, or facultative for both. One of the most spectacular examples of OBLIGATE mutualism is between the Siboglinid Tube Worms and symbiotic Bacteria that live at hydrothermal vents and cold seeps. The worm has no digestive tract and is wholly reliant on its internal symbionts for nutrition whereas the bacteria oxidize either Hydrogen Sulfide or Methane which the host supplies to them. The word ‘obligate’ implies:
The organism is capable of producing gases like Hydrogen Sulfide or Methane
Mutual relationship between organisms
The relationship is necessary for the survival of at least one of the organisms involved
The relationship is beneficial but not essential for survival of the organisms
Some people perceive Art as belonging to some social classes while excluding others. In this context, art is seen as an upper-class activity associated with wealth, the ability to purchase art, and the leisure required to pursue or enjoy the luxury. For example, the palaces of Versailles or the Hermitage in St. Petersburg with their vast collections of art, amassed by the fabulously wealthy royalty of Europe EXEMPLIFY this view. The world “Exemplify” is closest in meaning to:
As many as 14,700 properties in the area are currently known to be at flood risk from the sea. And the numbers of properties at risk from flooding, inundation and erosion will increase due to the expected impacts of climate change including an increased frequency and severity of storms causing STORM SURGES - higher sea levels caused by a combination of low pressure and wind action along with the waves generated by these storms. Storm Surges refer to:
Flooding, inundation and erosion
Increased frequency and severity of storms
Higher sea levels due to low pressure, wind action and waves generated by the storms
A combination of low pressure and wind action
The organization has long DECRIED this sinister practice and has held mass protests and campaigns to wake up a deaf world. The word ‘decried’ is closest in meaning to:
Condemn strongly
Strong anger
Violent measures
Healthy competition
Income inequality is one of the most important consequences of social class. Although class status is not a CAUSAL factor for income, there is consistent data that show those in higher classes have higher incomes than those in lower classes. The word ‘causal’ is closest in meaning to:
Two major environment surveys were launched this week to ______ the area’s wildlife from grass snakes to monkeys. Both aim to assess the living conditions of various species in the area.
Take stock of

The Reading Module of the TOEFL-iBT consists of 4-6 Reading Passages and each having a variety of questions based on Facts, Vocabulary, Inference, Organization, Classification and the like. These 12-14 questions of each passage test the candidate’s knowledge of Grammar, Sentence Structure, Vocabulary and much more. Similarly, the Listening, Speaking and Writing Modules consist of Conversations and Lectures wherein the candidate is expected to mark, speak or write responses to a variety of questions. This advanced level test will allow the test taker to assess how s/he would perform in the real TOEFL-iBT.



Is the difficulty of this test equivalent to the real test?

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I really enjoyed this test. I didn't get the top score though. In question 2, I thought we could say "Promote a cause"; I often hear and see this phrase (see the attached link).

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I meant question 2 not 1.

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I really enjoyed this test. I didn't get the top score though. In question 1, I thought we could say "Promote a cause" and I often hear this phrase (see link below).

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Hyein Jeong


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i got a it good??

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Scored 12 .. :)

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it gas really god,had three mistakes :)

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