MATHS: Mensuration Online Test

The length of a room is double the breadth. The cost of colouring the ceiling at Rs. 25 per sq. m is Rs. 5,000 and the cost of painting the four walls at Rs. 240 per sq. m is Rs. 64,800. Find the height of the room.
4.5 m
4 m
3.5 m
5 m
A rectangular lawn 80 metres by 60 metres has two rods each 10 metres wide running in the middle of it, one parallel to the length and the other parallel to the breadth. Find the cost of gravelling them at rs. 30 per square metre :
Rs. 39,000
Rs. 3,900
Rs. 3,600
Rs. 36,000
The water in a rectangular reservoir having a base 80 metres by 660 metres is 6.5 metres deep. In what time can the water be emptied by a pipe of which the cross- section is a square of side 20 cm, if the water runs through the pipe at the rate of 15 km per hour?
52 hrs
26 hrs
65 hrs
42 hrs
A hemispherical bowl is made up o steel 0.5cm thick. The inside radius of bowl is 4cm. The volume of the steel used in making the bowl is :
56.83 cm2
57.83 cm2
58.83 cm2
It is required to fix a pipe such that water flowing through it at a speed of 7 metres per minute fills a tank of capacity 440 cubic metres in 10 minutes. The inner radius of the pipe should be :
2 m
½ m
A conical cavity is drilled in a circular cylinder of 15cm height and 16cm base diameter. The height and the base diameter of the cone are same as those of the cylinder. Determine the total surface area of the remaining solid ;
440 p cm2
215 p cm2
542p cm2
376p cm2
If 5 p/6 is the measure of each interior angle of a regular convex polygon, then it must be a :
108 m
110 m
112 m
115 m
Find the number of coins, 1.5 cm in diameter and 0.2 cm thick, to be melted to form a right circular cylinder of height 10 cm and diameter 4.5cm :
A rectangular tank measuring 5m x 4.5m x 2.1m is dug in the center of the field measuring 13.5m x 2.5m. The earth dug out is spread evenly over the remaining portion of the field. How much is the level of the field raised?
4.0 m
4.1 m
4.2 m
4.3 m
A circular grassy plot of land 42m in diameter has a path of 3.5m wide running round, it out side. Find the cost of gravelling the path at Rs. 4 per square meter :
Rs. 2002
Rs. 2002
Rs. 2003
Rs. 2000
A wire is looped is in the form of circle of radius 28cm. It is re-bent into a square form. Determine the length of the side of square :
44 cm
45 cm
46 cm
48 cm
The area of four walls of the room is 1220 m2 and the length is twice the breadth. If the height of the room is 4 m, then find the area of the floor :
48 m2
49 m2
50 m2
52 m2
The perimeter of a rectangular field is 52m. If the length of the field is 2m more than the breadth, then what is the breadth of the field?
6.5 m
6.25 m
13 m
6 m
A largest cube is formed from the material obtained by melting three cubes of 3, 4, 5cm side. What is the ratio of the total surface area of the smaller cubes to the large cube?
2 : 1
3 : 2
27 : 20
25 : 18
The sides of the triangle are in the ratio of ::. If the perimeter is 52 cm, then the length of the smallest side is :
9 cm
10 cm
11 cm
12 cm
A pond 100m in diameter is surrounded by a circular grass walk2m wide. How many square metres of grass is there on the walk?
The length of the longest rod that can be placed in a room which is 12 m long, 9 m broad and 8 m high is :
27 m
19 m
17 m
13 m
If the radius of the circle is increased by 100%, then the area of the circle increases by :
A hemispherical bowl is made up of steel 0.5cm thick. The inside radius of bowl is 4cm. The volume of the steel used in making the bowl is :
55.83 cm2
57.83 cm2
58.83 cm2
How many squares are there in a 5 inch by 5 inch square grid, if the grid is made up of one inch by one inch squares?
A cylindrical bucket of height 36cm and radius 21cm is filled with sand. The bucket is emptied on the ground and conical heap of sand is formed the height of the conical is 12cm. The radius of the hap at the base is :
63 cm
53 cm
56 cm
66 cm
A horse is placed for grazing inside a rectangular field of 70m by 52m and is tethered to one corner by a rope 21m long. On how much area can it graze?
386.5 m2
325.5 m2
346.5 m2
246.5 m2
A storage tank consists of a circular cylinder with a hemisphere adjoined on either side. If the external diameter of the cylinder be 14m and its length be 50m, then what will be the cost of painting it @ Rs.10 per sq. m?
Rs. 38160
Rs. 28160
Rs. 39160
None of these
A metallic sheet is of rectangular shape with dimensions 28m * 36m. From each corners, a square is cut off so as to make an open box. The volume of the box is X m3, when the length of the square is 8m. the value of X is :
The sum of length, breadth and the height of a room is 19m. the length of the diagonal is 11m. The cost of painting the total surface area of the room at the rate of rs. 10 per m2 is :
Rs. 240
Rs. 2400
The cost of painting the wall of a room at the rate of Rs. 1.35 per square metre is Rs.340.20 and the cost of matting the floor t the rate of Rs. 0.85 per m2 is rs.91.80. If the length of the room is 12m, then the height of the room is :
6 m
12 m
1.2 m
12.6 m
If the perimeter of an isosceles right triangle is (6 + 3)m, then the area of the triangle is
4.5 m2
5.4 m2
9 m2
81 m2
Four equal circles are described about the four corners of a square so that each touches two of the others. If each side of the square is 14cm, then the area enclosed between the circumferences of the circles is :
24 cm2
42 cm2
154 cm2
By what percent the volume of a cube increases, if the length of each edge was increases by 50% :
A cone, a hemisphere and a cylinder have equal bases and have same heights. Their volumes will be in the ratio :
1 : 2 : 3
3 : 4 : 1
3 : 2 : 1
None of these
The curved surface of a right circular cone of height 15cm and base diameter 16cm is :
120p cm2
60p cm2
136p cm2
68p cm2
The number of revolutions made by a wheel of diameter 56cm in covering a distance 1.1 km is :
In the accompanying figure, AB is one of the diameter in the circle and OC is perpendicular to it through the center O. If AC is 7cm, then what is the area of the circle in sq. cm?
24. 5
A circular well is dug to a depth of 14 metres with a diameter of 2 metres. What is the volume of earth dug out? ( Use p = 22/7)
32 m3
36 m3
40 m3
44 m3
The dimensions of the rectangular box are in the ratio 1 : 2 : 4 and the difference between the costs of covering in with the cloth and sheet at the rate of Rs.20 and Rs.20.5 per square metre respectively is Rs. 126. Find the dimensions of the box :
3m, 6m, 12m
6m, 12m, 24m
1m, 2m, 4m
Nine of these.
The volume of the largest right circular cone that can be cut out of a cube of edge 7 cm is :
89.8 cm3
147.68 cm3
13.6 cm3
121 cm3
A steel wire bent in the form of a square of area 121cm2. If the same wire is bent in the form of a circle, then the area of the circle is :
130 cm2
136 cm2
145 cm2
None of these
The height of a bucket is 45 cm. the radii of the two circular edges are 28 cm and 7 cm respectively. The volume of the bucket is :
38610 cm3
48600 cm3
48510 cm3
None of these
Let A be the area of a square inscribed in a circle of radius ‘r’ and let B the area of a hexagon inscribed in the same circle. Then B/A equals :
None of these
The weight of a solid cone having diameter 14cm and vertical height 51 cm is ………….. if the material of solid cone weights 10 grams per cube cm :
16.18 kg
17.25 kg
26.18 kg
71.40 kg
If a solid sphere of radius 10 cm is moulded into 8 spherical solid balls of equal radius, then the surface area of each ball is :
60p cm2
50p cm2
75p cm2
100p cm2
A track is in the form of a ring whose inner circumference is 352 m and the outer circumference is 396 m. The width of the track is :
A person wishes to make a 100 sq m rectangular garden. Since he has only 30 m barbed wire for fencing, he fences only three sides letting the house wall act as the fourth side. The width of the garden is :
The area of a square increases by …………. if its sides increase by 30%.
If the height, curved surface area and the volume of a cone are h, c and v respectively, then 3pvh3 – c2h2 + 9v2 will be equal to :
The areas of three adjacent faces have the same surface area. The ratio of the volume of the cuboid is V, then V2 is equal to :
(ab + bc + ac)
Nine of these
A sphere and a cube have a same surface area. The ratio of the volume of the sphere to that of the cube is :
1 : 2
6 : p
3 : 1
Three cubes with sides in the ratio 3: 4: 5 are melted to form a single cube whose diagonal is 12cm. The sides of the cubes are :
6cm, 8cm, 10 cm
3cm, 4cm, 5cm
9cm, 12cm, 15cm
None of these
Five equal, cubes each of side 5 cm, are placed adjacent to each other. The volume of the new solid formed will be :
15525 cm3
625 cm3
125 cm3
None of these

This question paper consists of 50 questions which are required to be finished in an hours time.


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calculate the total surface area of a room which is to be painted whose dimensions are 18m*16m*10m?

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what will be the labour charges for digging a cubiodial pit 8cm long 6cm broad and 3cm deep at the value of rs 20perm3

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in a circular garden of diameter 150m,a pond is constructed in the form of a circle with radius 20m. find the area of the land left out.

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1 sqm = 60 rupees, so 1 rmt = ?

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fine the cost of painting a wall at the rate of 15 per sq.m. with the side of 25 m.

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