AIEEE Physics Gravitation Online Test

If suddenly the gravitational force of attraction between earth and a satellite revolving around it becomes zero, then the satellite will

Average density of the earth

The change in the value of g at a height h above the surface of the earth is the same as at a depth d below the surface of earth. When both d and h are much smaller than the radius of earth, then which one of the following is correct ?

If g is the acceleration due to gravity on the earth’s surface, the gain in the potential energy of an object of mass m raised from the surface of the earth to a height equal to the radius R of the earth, is

The escape velocity of a body depends upon mass m as

The time period of an earth satellite in circular orbit is independent of

The time period of a satellite of earth is 5 hours. If the separation between the earth and the satellite is increased to 4 times the previous value, the new time period will become

Two spherical bodies of mass M and 5M and radii R and 2 R respectively are released in free space with initial separation between their centres equal to 12 R. If they attract each other due to gravitational force only, then the distance covered by the smaller body just before collision is


This test gives a glimpse of type of question you can expect in AIEEE.



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