Data Communications & Computer Networks Online Test

Which among the following is a part of a communication system

Microwave is a

Which among the following is a data transmission service

NIC stands for

TCP stands for

Which among these is transport layer protocol

Routers operate at which layer of the OSI model

The communication data transfer rate is measured in

Synchronous & Asynchronous are the two modes of

A communication protocol handles


Avishek Dutta

Can you please provide sample question paper for NBCC Junior Engineer

1555 days 18 hours 36 minutes ago


Hello, it is ramesh...
nice test...
but TCP is transmission control protocol...............
i got 9/10 but it was 10/10....... because TCP question.........

1916 days 3 hours 53 minutes ago

Nvn kumar

TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol) is the basic communication language or protocol of the Internet. It can also be used as a communications protocol in a private network (either an intranet or an extranet).

2093 days 3 hours 47 minutes ago


TCP stands for?
Right ans is Transmission control protocol..but ans given in this test is transport control protocol which is completely wrong. Please have a look and correct it into a database collection of answers.

Neha Singh Chauhan

2285 days 1 hours 49 minutes ago

Chaitanya Bhalerao

Thank you very much for creating this test Ms. Sharma. Looking for more questions for practice. Also if there is any provision for us to contribute to the test, please let me know. Thank you again.

2601 days 22 hours 9 minutes ago


tcp is transmission control not transport,recheck please

2744 days 5 hours 55 minutes ago

Akshay Pathak

Q. 5 ka ans wrong h, please upload wright ans

3061 days 17 hours 7 minutes ago

Hari Sharma

test is not starting

3177 days 2 hours 18 minutes ago

vikash pandey

question 5 ans is not correct please modify its answer is transmisson control protocal

3978 days 2 hours 41 minutes ago


Thankyou for the test mam

4015 days 19 hours 41 minutes ago

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