Tense Consistency in a Sentence Online Test

___ 1. If the club limited its membership, it will have to raise its dues.

___ 2. While Barbara puts in her contact lenses, the telephone rang.

___ 3. Thousands of people will see the art exhibit by the time it closes.

___ 4. By the time negotiations began, many pessimists have expressed doubt about them.

___ 5. After Capt. James Cook visited Alaska on his third voyage, he is killed by Hawaiian

islanders in 1779.

___ 6. I was terribly disappointed with my grade because I studied very hard.

___ 7. The moderator asks for questions as soon as the speaker has finished.

___ 8. Everyone hopes the plan would work.

___ 9. Harry wants to show his friends the photos he took last summer.

___ 10. Scientists predict that the sun will die in the distant future.

___ 11. The boy insisted that he has paid for the candy bars.

___ 12. The doctor suggested bed rest for the patient, who suffers from a bad cold.


a test that determines if you can determine the correct tense of verbs in a sentence from the content. for each sentence mark it S for satisfactory U for unsatisfactory


Kamaran Omer Ali

I have to study more hard

3964 days 32 minutes ago

Eshita Dey

hey, what is the meaning of s and u.......couldn't understand!!!!

4204 days 1 hours 15 minutes ago



4229 days 23 hours 26 minutes ago

Esther Cota

Need to review the test's instructions, they are not very clear.

4231 days 1 hours 6 minutes ago

Hrideyesh Sharma

Still I need to wortk hard

4231 days 19 hours 16 minutes ago

kamala venkataraman

Enjoyed taking this test!

4233 days 3 hours 23 minutes ago

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