Online Google Analytics Course - Pre-assessment Test

If you havent installed Google Analytics yet, are you competent with editing html code and do you understand where you need to add the code?
What is the primary use for Google Analytics.
Shows you how to build a website
Allows you to spy on your customers
Monitor what your website visitors are doing
Monitor what your competitors are doing
What is your level of competency with computers and software?
Not very good
What is the main benefit to using Google Analytics?
Being able to understand where your website is going wrong
Letting you see which websites are sending you referrals
Understanding what systems the visitors are using
Learning what pages your visitors are viewing and for how long
Do you have permanent access to the internet whether at home or work in order to complete a course online and receive tuition online?

Want to learn Google Analytics? Google Analytics is a fantastic free web analysis package which can be installed on your website to give you an insight into your visitors and what they do on your website.


anbu azhagu

pls if any body attend the google analytics IQ test .,
create one pre assessment test for that .,

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