psychopathology/psychology Online Test

1.What is abnormal psychology?

2. Do homeless children and adolescents exhibit cognitive impairments?

3. Are homeless children and adolescents more cognitively impaired than disadvantaged, domiciled children from comparable backgrounds?

4. How do social influences impact on mental illness related in terms: violent incident, breaking point?

5. What is the signs of mental illness?

What are the physical symptoms of mental illness?

do gender, race and class affect which psychological disorders individual experience or how they experience them?

The putamen and caudate are knows as

The pons is associated with face sensation and movement.

What is DSM-IV?


The purpose of the programme is to prepare graduates in psychology and allied disciplines for academic, clinical, educational, health, and research careers where familiarity with abnormal psychological functioning in infancy, childhood and adolescence is of relevance. The centre is structured around research expertise in the school and examines a range of developmental disorders together with relevant aspects of normal development. It prepares you for careers requiring insight into the genesis of both normal and abnormal psychological functioning in early life. It is intended that the majority of graduates will go on to clinical or research posts, or to further clinical training


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Dr. Diana Darnley-Gibson

Developmental Psychology
There are also different types of psychology. Some psychologists work on mental illnesses, whereas others simply focus on development (and some do both). Developmental psychology is the study of mental changes in human beings over their life span. It is a fascinating subject, and an important one, since behavior and thought aSee more

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Dr. Diana Darnley-Gibson
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