French for beginners Online Test

How do you say "Good morning" ?

To say "No" you say:

How do you say " I don't understand" ?

To say "Repeat please" you say:

The french alphabet is composed of:

To ask " What page?" you say:

To say "YES" you say?

"To have" is translated by:

The word "NECK" is translated by:

A "DRINK" is:



how nice

2432 days 6 hours 31 minutes ago



2432 days 6 hours 31 minutes ago


thank you for this site

2432 days 6 hours 31 minutes ago


and i really liked the way the tests are conducted and now i will visit this site often. it is awesome

2432 days 6 hours 32 minutes ago


this is a very helpful site and very useful and it made me get full marks in my exam

2432 days 6 hours 33 minutes ago


thank you very much for this test mr.oumar
iam very happy becouse iam starting to learn
please we need another test to learn more

3553 days 3 hours 28 minutes ago

Apprendre_ Des langues

Bonjour M.Oumar
Très important test pour les débutants .
Merci bien pour vos efforts que j'apprécie bcq :)
Courage nos étudiants !!!
Bonne continuation à tous et à toutes
Que DIEU vous préserve.

3554 days 7 hours 1 minutes ago

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