Usin the prepositions in,on,at,to,into Online Test

1. We were_______the road for over an hour till we saw a petrol station.

2. Paris is_______the river Seine.

4. Jill is______the school choir.

5. The chair broke when I sat_______it.

6. The steak fell______the fire.

7. There were only two shops______the village.

8. There's a fly________the window.

9. You can't see the pipes because they are______the ground.

10. Who wrote that message_________the notice-board?

11. When the boat began to sink, everyone jumped__________the sea.

12. If you leave your tools________the ground, someone will fall over them.

14. Are you allowed to work while you're__________the army?


This test is to dermine your knowledge of the use of the prepositions: in,on,at


sanika godse

while doing prepositions, I've realized that the first option which comes to my mind is usually the correct one....but prepositions indeed are difficult to choose from. thank you for the test.
score= 12/12

4186 days 18 hours 54 minutes ago

Eshita Dey

hey, it was fantastic...... my average score was 7.99..... can't believe i am so good at it!!!!!!

4207 days 9 hours 6 minutes ago

ch.durga naidu

it's really good but you should have given the reasons why some of them are wrong

4213 days 17 minutes ago

Hrideyesh Sharma

Though it seems easy but we make frequent mistakes while choosing/using it.

4235 days 3 hours 49 minutes ago


thank u for the test
sometimes it's difficult to choose prepositions

4239 days 18 hours 26 minutes ago


Nice test, sir..

4243 days 3 hours 59 minutes ago

Ummu Kutub

If u can make more of these tests, that will be GREAT.

4243 days 14 hours 29 minutes ago

samy abou elella

Thank you for the test

4243 days 18 hours 21 minutes ago


Thank you for the test. Prepositions are sometimes difficult to choose correctly.

4245 days 18 hours 24 minutes ago

Panchali Sen

Nice.Create more

4247 days 23 hours 45 minutes ago

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