Trignometry 2 Online Test

What is the angle of evaluation?

solve the following:

2cos x-1=0.

find what is the value of the x?

what would be the tan,sine and cosine are, if we send them to another side?

whats is the angle of depression?

what id a sectant


this is a bit difficult from the previous one.
there are 5 questions.
This is all about angles.


s sowrya


1854 days 15 hours 13 minutes ago

s.b dinkar

the same confusion with me also, hira usman

1875 days 21 hours 38 minutes ago


in the first question it's not evaluation..... it is elevation.... please prepare the questions without mistakes

1903 days 12 hours 22 minutes ago

hira usman

i did'nt get the one! what wil be tan sine n cosine if they r taken to other side.

1911 days 14 hours 33 minutes ago

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