AIEEE Physics Laws of Motion Online Test

A car moving at a speed v is stopped by a retarding formce F in a distance s. If the speed of the car were 3 v, the force needed to stop it within the same distance s will be

A body slides down an inclined plane of inclination A. The coefficient of frinction down the plane varies in direct proportion to the distance moved down the plane ( kx). THe body will move down the plane with a

A cricket ball of mass 150 g is moving witha velocity of 12 m/s and is hit by a bat so that the ball is turned back wit a velocity of 20m/s. The force of the blow acts for 0.1 s. What is the average force exerted on the ball by the bat?

A shell, inotially at rest, suddenly explodes into two equal fragments A and B. Which one of the following is observed?

A person is sitting facing the engine in a moving train. He tosses a coin. The coin falls behind him. THis shows that the train is

A block is pulled along a horizontal frictionless surface by a rope. The tension in the rope will be the same at all points on it


This is a short test on Laws of Motion, which will give you an idea about the questions you can expect from this chapter in AIEEE



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