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Two bodies of masses M1 and M2 are initially at rrest a distance R apart. They then move directly towards one another under the influence of their mutual gravitational attraction. What is the ratio of distance moved by M1 to the distance moved by M2 ?

The eccectricity of the earth's orbit is 0.0167. The ratio of its maximum speed in its orbit to its minimum speed is

The diameters of two planets are in the ratio 4:1 and their mean densities are in the ratio of 1:2. the acceleration due to gravity on the two planets will be in the ratio

If g is the acceleration due to gravity on the earth's surface, the gain in potential energy of an object of mass m raised from the surface of earth to a hieght equal to the radius R of the earth is

There are two bodies of masses 1000kg and 100000kg separated by a distance of 1km. At what distance from the smaller body, the intensity of gravitational potential due to smaller body is 10 times the gravitational potential due to larger one

A boy can jump 2 m on the surface of the earth. how high can he jump on the surface of the moon? (assume the acceleration due to gravity on moon's surface is 1/5 that on the surface of earth)

The mass of the moon is 1/81, that of the earth and its radius is 1/4 that of the earth. If the escape velocity from the earth's surface is 11.2 km/s, the value of escape velocity from the surface of the moon will be

If an orbiting satellite is suddenly stopped

Two astronauts have deserted their spaceship in a region of space far from the gravitational attraction of any other body. Each has a mass of 100 kg and they are 100 m apart. They are initially at rest relative to one another. How long will it be before the gravitational attraction brings them 1 cm closer together?

A satellite is launched into a circular orbit of radius R around the earth. A second satellite is launched into an orbit of radius 1.01 R. The time period of the second satellite is larger than that of the first one by approximately

A real of massless thread unrolls itself falling down under gravity. The acceleration of its fall is

A satellite is moving around the sun. In order to make it move to infinity, its speed must be increased by,


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