Computer Networks Online Test

A computer network is a collection of _________________ computers connected together to share information.

Apart fom LAN, MAN and WAN another type of netwrok is-

A coaxial cable has a max speed of-

The frequency range of twisted pair lies in range-

The bandwidth of a 100 MHz signal with four voltage levels is-

Class A IP Address has how many bytes reserved for host address

CRC code for error checking has ______________ no of bits appended to code.

TCP is _____________________ protocol.

CSMA/CD is used in _______________ layer.

DNS stands for-

The bcc in the e-mail stands for-

The ftp protocol can be

A web browser has _______________ and _____________ .

A router is normally required at _______________ layer.

An IP6 protocol has _________________ bytes address.


Computer Networks

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