Cell Biology/Cytology Online Test

5, All of these are common features of all the six kingdoms like eubacteria,archaebacteria,protist,fungus,plant and animals except:

4. Recognise the wrong statement:

3. In eukaryotes there is a network of protein filaments called cytoskeleton.Their functions include all these except:

2. One of the following statements about cell organelles is wrong:

1. All the given statements about lysosomes are correct except:

7. One of the following is not an end product of carbohydrate digestion:

6. Recognise the correct match:

5. Helicobacter pylori a causative agent of gastritis and peptic ulcer was identified by:

4. Which one of the following groups of enzymes are not entirely carbohydrate digesting enzymes ?

3. What happens if the pH in small intestine remains at 1.5 ?


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