Spanish Basics: Colors, Numbers, Family and relatives, Days, Months Online Test

The sun's color is:

The color of the sky is:

How do you say dad in Spanish?

Mom in Spanish is:

How do you say sister in Spanish?

The number 25 :

The number 101

The number 8

The first month of the year is:

Sunday is:

The last month of the year

The Mexican flag is green, white and red:

How do you say cousin, aunt and uncle in Spanish?

I am 46 years old, so in Spanish I would say:

I have two brothers and one sister, so in Spanish I would say:

The sumer months are:

The winter months are:



This test is created to let you know if you are familiar with some basic words used on a regular basis.



waaaw i did all correct :D

4234 days 5 hours 48 minutes ago

Maria Zapata

Thank you for your comment Tamas, I will post a harder one!

4302 days 7 hours 55 minutes ago

Tamas Toth

waiting for a bit harder test, thank you :)

4303 days 4 hours 45 minutes ago

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