AIEEE- Chemistry- Periodic Properties,Chemical families,Thermodynamics Online Test

Which among the following has the highest ionization potential?

Which among the following represents the correct order of ionization enthalpies?

Pick out the wrong statements from the following

The correct order of increasing metallic character among Be, Mg, Na and Si is

Among the halides, the least polarizable ion is,

Pick out the wrong statements,

(A) The electron affinity of fluorine is less than chlorine.

(B) The second ionisation energy of Mg is higher than the second ionisation of Na.

(C) An element with atomic number (yet to be discovered) will be placed in group 2 with alkaline earth metals.

(D) The nuclear charge decreases down the group.

Which among the following elements has the highest third ionization energy?

Which among the following are not intensive properties?

(A) Surface area

(B) Surface tension

(C) Specific heat capacity

(D) Energy

In a certain process 500J of heat is absorbed by the system while 300J of work is done on the system. Then the internal energy change for the process is (in J)

The heat liberated in calories when 40ml of 0.1 M HCl is mixed with 20ml of 0.2 M OF NaOH IS



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