True Worshippers Placement Test

Why is "REDEMPTIVE CONFRONTATION" dependent upon the first two (2) steps of Directionism?

Universally, what is the primary barrier to successful counseling?

Explain why God must confront mankind.

why does God requires individual commitment.

Why is confrontation essential to change?

How do the hebrew words, "SHAPAT" and "YADA help define the process of "redemptive confrontation"?

What are the three (3) ways in which God requires individual commitment?

As the third step of Directionism, " redemptive confrontation" is based upon what essential belief?

There are _______ crucial elements to effective prayer.

Which one of the answers that is not part of the themes that McCullough identifies regarding the psychological effects of prayer?

15. The personal life of counselors appears to be revealed in their professional work.

The question is not how we understand the relationship between psychology and theology but how we practically use the Christian faith in our counseling.

Forgiveness often confused with?

The first disciple's Bible was divided into three specific parts: The Law, The Prophets and_______

The first element to effective prayer is

The third element to effective prayer is

The study of was gradually limited to an investigation of the orgin, the composition, the history, and the significance of the Bible as a whole, or of its separate books.

How were sins forgiven i the Old Testament

There is a total of ____ largest books in the Bible

There is a total of ____ the shortest books in the Bible.

There are ____ important steps to salvation

The Spirit produces____________ which is found in Galatians 5:22-23

All gifts from God are

One operation in the gift of faith trust in

The gift of faith is received by the operation of

What gift is essential for every Christian to have

Give the six (6) methods God uses to confront mankind.

What is essential to God's initial step of counseling?

to probe one's behavior. means:

Explain any tension that may exist between biblical authority and integration.

what word is a synonym for "profiling"

Explain why "DETERMINATIVE PROFILING" is the initial step of Biblical Directionism and what means may be generally employed

According to the study, upon what foundational principle does the entire concept of biblical integrity rest?

What is meant by the term "Biblical Sufficiency?"

List the "short-term" and "long-term" goals of personal conditioning.

Explain why God imposes personal conditioning.

Define the term "PERSONAL CONDITIONING" as presented in the text.

In the end, what is the most critical factor which determines the outcome of Biblical Directionsim counseling?

What single factor most characterizes Directionism counseling?

Essentially, how may the process of comparative silhouetting be defined?

How is God's absolute standard applied?

What does the term "integration" generally imply as it relates to Christians who counsel?

What are the major problems created by "integration" for the Christian who counsels?

Discriminate between a counseling model which is derived and one that is superimposed.

What specific problems does a resistance to "integration" create for the Christian who counsels?

Explain how Christian counseling may differ from biblical counseling.

Where should the Christian who counsels begin in relation to an understanding of the Bible?


This is just to see where you are at spiritually within your Christian walk so that we are aware of the areas that we may assist you in reaching your full potential in your ministry.

Dr. Diana Darnley-Gibson
Founder of True Worshippers College
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