AEC-KIDS - Test 1

Which do you like better – hot dogs or hamburgers?

What color is your new bicycle?

What time will you and Bob eat lunch?

When is your grandmother coming to visit?

What do you smell?

Why are you in a hurry?

Where are Peter and Tom going?

Let’s have a Coke.

Do you need a ride home?

Why is your backpack heavy?

Whose bike is this?

When do you take the bus?

Do you take a bus to school?

What grade are you in?

Where is your school?

Where did Mary go?

What time is it?

Are you free to come to my party on Saturday?

This is for you.

Who’s that?

What sports do you like to play?

Where do you live?

What are you doing?

How are you?


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Hey Kids – This test has been created for you. We – at the American English Center – are happy to know that you’ve been working hard to learn our language. You’ve learned to read English and to make correct English sentences. Now, we would like to help you to TALK the language. If you can answer most of the questions on this test, you are ready to leap into English conversation. This mini-test will help you to see how you are doing in learning the things you need to know to make conversation. After you complete the test, you can contact us and request a FREE private lesson. If you would like to be able to chat with English-speaking people all over the world, we would like to help you reach that goal. Are you ready? Let’s begin AEC-KIDS – Test 1.



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