25.Rectangular wire is used in

26.The mineral that is considered critical in the transformation of plaque in to calculus.

27.Density.ofa radiograph is independent of

24.Bacteria found in gingivitis are located in

23.Cementum and enamel meet edge to edge in -% of cases

22.Sublingual gland is a

21.Which of the following would most likely act as a hapten in the human?

20.Ramsay Hunt syndrome affects the

19.Myelohyoid muscle

18.First group of fibres to be destroyed allowing junctional epithelium to migrate apically is

17.Cementum is thickest at

16.A benign mushroom-like tumor of bone in the metaphyseal area of a young person showing a peripheral

cartilage cap is most likely a

15. Cleft palate occurs due to disturbances at ... week of I.U. life.

14. All of the following are anatomically related to mandibular nerve except

13.A high eosinophil count in the peripheral blood is most suggestive of which of the following diseases.

12.Cystoid bodies and civette bodies are characteristics of

11.Ptosis may be caused by a lesion of the

10.Disturbance during calcification of dentin causes

9.First evidence of calcification of 3rd molars.

8.All of the following muscles are elevators of the mandible except.

7. The Inferior dental artery is a branch of

6. Measles is transmitted from one person to another via

5. Bacteria whose optimum temperature for growth is between 15° and 20° have been termed

4. In orthodontic treatment, in order to avoid injuries to the tissues, the forces, applied should not exceed the

3. Gout results from a defect in metabolism of

2.The lower lip gets sensory nerve supply through the

1.Space maintainers are usually needed in the

28.The muscles that aid in the displacement of maxillary fractures are

29.The fluoride which stains silicate restorations

30.Location of gingival margin of restoration in proximal cavities is influenced by

31.Ugly duckling stage is seen in

32.Growth of anterior cranial base is completed by

33.Other name of dental plaque is

34.Number of fontanelle at birth is

35.Hematoma formation after posterior superior alveolar nerve block is due to damage to the

36.The teeth considered as the corner stone of dental arch are

37.A sudden rise in carotid sinus pressure reflexely causes

38.How many milligrams of adrenaline are there in each cartridge of 2% ling-nocaine with 1 : 100,000 adrenaline?

39.Short chain fatty acids are almost non existing in animal tissue.An exception is

40.Which part of the nervous system contains the cardiac, vomiting and vasomotor centres?

41.Subgingival calculus is highest in the

42.A common intermediate of metabolism of carbohydrates, fatty acids,and aminoacids are

43.Spider telangiectic spots in the skin of a patient are noted. He should have an examina-tion to determine the condition of his

44.In the resting state in man the average difference between the oxygen content of arterial and venous blood is ... % .

45.Avulsion of teeth due to trauma in Ellis classification is

46.A Roach clamp is also referred to as

47.Genetic information flows from DNA to RNA to proteins. The process from DNA to RNA is called

53.The predominant bacteria in juvenile periodontitis is

54.Leukemic infiltration of gingival is common in ... type of leukemia

55. A berry aneurysm is most commonly caused by (B&L : 591)

56.All of the following are typical auscul -tatory findings of mitralstenosis excep

57. Le Fort III is the same as

58. Recommended etching time forprimary teeth is

59.Which of the following is used to regain and maintainspKe?

60.The following is used to evaluate significant difference between two means?

61. Globulomaxillary cyst is a type of

62.Which of the following is primary in the adrenal medulla?

63.A gutta percha cone is radioopaque due to the presence of

64.A patient sensitive to both penicillin and erythromycin can be given

65.Cyanosis of the lip may suggest

66.Bitewings should be taken ... months.for a caries susceptible child?

67.Brudevald solution is

68.The index that is age specific is

69.When a thrombotic emboli originates in the femoral vein it is normally arrested in the

70.Bacteria dominant in smooth surface caries is

71.The term poikilokaryosis refers to

72.Pulp of all primary teeth are active for a period of

48.A 16-year-old patient has a painful swelling which is firm in consistency in the mandibular premolar area. Teeth near the swelling are vital. X-ray reveals a discrete radioducency in the premolar area. The next diagnostic step is

49.Which of the following has an hydrogen ion concentration greater than 1 x 10-3

50. Sunburst appearance on a dental radiograph is characteristic of

51.The first heart sound begins during the

52.The restorative material that is most radiolucent is

73.To make an impression of hyperplastic tissue:one should

74.Ca(OH)2 for indirect pulp capping should be retained for

75.Which muscle has a dual action in relation to complete dentures?

76.The most frequent complication of sub apical orthodontic surgical procedures is

77.Oral tissues are recorded best in the functional state by

78.An entry for a coniotomy should ideally be made at

79.Seizures of psychomotor type arise from

80.Total volume of pulp in all permanent teeth is ... cc.

81 Which of the following bleeding disorders has a positive family history?

82.Most common site for squamous cell carcinoma of tongue is

83.Polyglycolic acid suture material (Vicryl) is an

84. The lesion seen commonly in von Recklinghausen's disease of skin is

85.Hypovolemic shock develops after loss of .

86.Normal factor VIII level in the blood is

87.The term "chroma" refers to

88.The main target cells for HIV are

98 Greleche is caused by

99.the CAD-CAM system uses

100.The gonial angle at birth is

101 Acute pupal disease in a primary mola manifests radiographically.

102. Impression material commonly used for taking maxillofacial defects is

103.Ashley Howe analysis is used to analyse

104 Which of the following is an automatic device?

105.Antidote for heparin is

106.A hypercoagulable state secondary to "rebound bleeding" is caused by administration of which of the following to a patient on warfarin therapy?

107.The irregularly shaped calcified structures commonly found in the pulp are called

108.Flush terminal plane of mixed dentition is seen in

109. of the following bone lesions is most likely to be fatal?

110 The proper rate of rescue breathing ian adult is

89.Hinge axis is best detected by

90. Anatomic teeth used in complete dentures have cuspal inclines of

91 Apatient with a histoty of ankle edema shortness of breth and orthopnoea is probavly suffering form

92 .most commonly retained primary tooth in abult dentition

93 Apatient with suspected cervical fracture should be kept in

94 High angle case is

95) Ina 7-year-old child spacing seen in anterior teeth indicates

96 Serial extraction can efficiently correct

97 perleche is caused by

114.The difference in melting point between the solder and parts to be soldered should be at least

115. On radiographic examination, onion-skin appearance is commonly seen in

111.Custom made tray is used for polysulfide material because

112.A traumatic bone cyst is best treated by

113.18% stainless steel has

136. or whic.h type of malocclusion, a brass ligature wire is used as one type of treatment?

141 radiograph reveals a radiolucent shadow at the apex of maxillary right central incisor. There is no break in the continuity of lamina dura and the tooth responds normally to the pulptester. There are no clinical signs and symptoms. this would suggest

142.Which of the following antibiotic is least toxic

143. Administration of which of the following drug will not inhibit secretory activity of oral cavity

137oldering and welding are not possible in

138he ridge lap of a pontic becomes enveloped with inflamed gingival tissues several weeks after cementation of the bridge. Discomfort is increased by pressure. Bleeding occurs while brushing. This is caused by

139ctional matrix hypothesis of growth was given by

140Which of the following regions in the crown of a tooth is often mistaken for caries in the dental film

131 Excessive wear on occluding surfaces of teeth usually results from

132 A corrected anterior crossbite is best retained by

133Normal speech usually returns to a prosthetic patient within a few days after the dentures are inserted. Problems that do occur may result from

151. Composite restorations are superior to silicate restoration in that the resin restorations

152.Cohesion of direct filling gold at room temp is an example of the principle of

153.Alkalization of tubular urine slows the rate of excretion of

134The sequence of completion of facial growth by planes of space is

135hich of the following occlusal contacts should be corrected first when doing selective grinding on a complete denture

144.Leukemk gingivitis because of spontaneous hemorrhage and necrosis may be misdiagnosed as

145.Which of the following drugs would produce vasoconstriction of the gingival vessels

146.Median palatal cyst is a

147. Which of the following conditions is a contra indication to the use of atropine to reduce salivation

148. Apical root resorption is seen in

149.Which of the following dental entities is derived from the mesoderm?

150.Nystatin may be used in infections due to

157.The degree of mineralization of normal cementum is approximately that of

164. Quinidine is used to treat

165. Most common cyst in the oral region

166.Irreversible side effect of long term administration of phenothiazine

167.Methoxylation of which of the following compounds results in the formation of codeine?

158.Class II cavities prepared for cast gold restorations differ from those prepared for amalgam in

116.KHN of enamelis

117.Prevalence refers to

118. Blood sHould be stored at

119.The finish line used in complete metal cast crown is

120.Penumbra formation is related to

121Diameter of the taper of an inlay cavities varies between

122.Lucid interval is indicative of

123.Basal cell carcinoma commonly occurs in

124.Total number of line angles in a class II MOD cavity are

125.Which of the following may cause maxillary permanent incisor cross bite?

126. Fracture of mandibIe require ... weeks of fixation

159. Which of the following is a ganglionic blocking agent?

160. Neostigmine can stimulate denervated skeletal muscle because it

161. Effective focal spot is

127. Normal bleeding time by Duke's method is

128. In the metal ceramic technique degassing the casting is required to

129.Which of the following vitamin deficiency is the commonest cause of craniofacial anomalies?

130Late mesial shift of permanent first molar is primarily the result of

162.Which of the folowing is not a branch of the mandibular nerve

163. Each of the following is an undesirable effect of phenytoin except

154.Roshton bodies are seen in

155.Side effect unique with erythromycin estolate is

156. Most retentive pin is

168.The most common complication of rheumatoid arthritis involving the TM joint is

169.Antibody which acts as a blocking antibody in allergies

170.The filling material remaining after post preparation should be at least

171.Greenspan's syndrome is associated with

172.In soldering the main reason for leaving a narrow space between parts to be joined is to allow for

173.Referred pain to the ear is commonly form

174.Mikulic's disease is considered to be pf ... origin

175.For both "s" and "sh" sounds tongue makes contact with the

176. Instrument that can be used to safel remove pulp from fine canals is

177.The incisal guide on the articulator is the

178. Melkersson-Rosenthal syndrome is charactered by all except

179.Which of the following considerations is least important in fabricating a removable partial denture?

180.Use of composite resin for class I restoration is not generally recommended because its clinical performance is inferior to amalgam with respect to

181.During the use of stainless pins in amalgam restoration if compressive strength of restoration is increased significantly the increase results from

182.Compression-Relaxation cycle of external cardiae compression should be repeated

183.True denticles are characterised by

184.Heating of gypsm casting investents above 1300 in the presence of carbon results in

185.Occlusal clearance for porcelain fused to metal restoration_should be about .... mm on the occlusal surface of maxillary first molar

186.Repeat biopsies are indicated

187.Component of dental casting alloy which is responsible for most of the allergic reactions is

188.The incomplete seating of the die in to the interocclusal record results in

189.Bence Jones proteins are seen in

190. The pulp remains vital in

193. In shock vasopressor drugs are preferably given

194.Dentinogenesis imperfect a is associated with osteogeneis imperfecta in

195. Mucocele on the lower lip should be treated by

191. Which of the. permanent incisors is most frequently markedly concave on the Iinguarsurface?

192. Incision and drainage in an area of acute infection should be performed when

196. The percentage of dentin that is organic to ... %?

197.If the child's teeth do not form this would affect growth of the

198. Verruciform xanthoma is also referred to as

199. The shape of the permanent maxillary first molar is

200.The small horizondal ridges (perikymata) seen on the labial surface of the teeth are the result of


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