CIW Foundations - 20 more questions Online Test

Which of the following is the W3C's recommended standard for coding Web pages?

You are going to send some large digital files to others you work with via the Internet. Which of the following is the most effective and simplest method to transmit the files?

Which of the following would you use to insert an image into a Web page so that it will validate XHTML 1.0 transitional?

You are a member of Web design team. Which member of the team is responsible for developing the overall plan of the Web site?

Which of the following is an aolutely requirement in order to connect to and use the Internet?

Which of the following technologies manages the process of resolving URLs to official IP addresses?

Which protocol is used by browsers to request and receive Web pages across the Internet?

You are setting up a new email client application, which of the follow pieces of information will you provide that will handle outgoing mail messages?

Which of the following is the W3C's recommendation for structuring and formatting Web pages?

What are the 3 graphic formats that are universally supported by Web browsers?

Which of the following is considered “shouting” in e-mail?

How many characters are found in a tweet from Twitter?

Which of the following characterizes a relational database?

Which of the following activities involves the most risk?

Which of the following image types typically supports transparency?

Which of the following is an example of a Web browser?

Which of the following do search engines expect you to use when making complex searches for information?

You have been asked to help implement a Web marketing campaign. Which of the following tools will best help you ensure that this project is completed on time?

Who owns the user data found on social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter?

Which of the following is a typical way that “spam” and phishing sites verify e-mail addresses of their victims?


20 Questions based on the CIW Foundations Course materials.
Covering all three modules of: Internet Business, Site Development and Network Technology.

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