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Ralph's manager wants a server that can offer steaming audio and video over the network. Which type of server should Ralph recommend?

Which of the following best explains how encryption works on the World Wide Web?

Which security protocol is a virtual private network most likely to use?

Mikail receives an e-mail message from a friend that contains a zip file. He opens the file, later Mikail notices that his e-mail application has sent a copy of that zip to each person in his address book without his commanding it to do so. What event has most likely occurred?

Which Internet Explorer browser function allows you to assign short cuts to web pages that you visit frequently?

Paula has been searching for the web for a gift for her son Frank. Frank asks to use the computer. Paula wants to make sure that Frank can’t see which sites she has visited. What should Paula do?

Homer is interested in installing a full text search engine on his corporate intranet. His IT manager advises him against this. For which reason should homer choose not to install a full text search engine?

Which protocol would you use to set up a news server?

Which Firefox browser function allows you to assign short cuts to web pages that you visit frequently?

In the client server model which of the following is the best example of a client?

Which tag must appear within an HTML table?

What is the correct definition for a block level tag?

several tags must appear in an HTML file. Which of the following choices list required tags in the current sequence of the appearance?

Consider the following HTML code:

<img src=”FaceImage.gif” alt="image description" usemap=“#FaceMap”>

In this code, what does the hash symbol (#) mean?

which of the component is necessary to connect and communicate to the Internet?

A user at her workstation cannot reach any host on the Internet using ping, yet she can ping all the file and print servers on her local LAN. You investigate the problem, and discover that one of the following configuration parameters is missing. Which parameter is missing?

which technology enables businesses to create multimedia applications to deliver their messages?

Which of the following is an event-driven scripting language used to create active content on a

Web page?

You want customers to use their credit cards to make purchases on your Web site. In order to

ensure secure exchanges, you should consider using:

Which of the following is always required in order to connect to the Internet?


There are 20 questions covering all three of the Foundations modules: Internet Business Foundations, Site Development and Network Technology.
You have 22 minutes in which to complete them.




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