Public Administration for Civil Services Examinations: Test 14 of 15

The term of Lok Sabha was raised by 42nd Amendment to:
6 years
7 years
8 years
9 years
In India, the legislature is based on the pattern of:
The Parliament has to meet at least …….in a year:
None of the above
The Comptroller and Auditor General of India holds his office during the pleasure of:
Chief Justice of India
Prime Minister
Which one of the following statements concerning powers of the President is wrong?
No bill can become a law unless the President puts his signature over it
The President has the power to summon, prorogue the Parliament and dissolve the Council of States
The President nominates 12 members to the Council of States and two Anglo-Indian members to the House of people
He declares war and concludes treaties or makes peace, subject to the provisions of the constitution
The Constitution of India is broadly patterned in its structure upon:
The Govt. of India Act, 1858
The Govt. of India Act. 1935
The Indian Council Act, 1907
None of the above
“The crown of England stands forth as the unquestioned Ruler and Paramount Power in India” Who made this declaration?
Lord Canning
Lord Curzon
Lord Clive
Lord Cornwallis
The Central government at Fort William in Calcutta was established by the Regulating Act of:
The Work of Central Government in 1874 was transacted in three departments only. What was not one of them?
Which one of the following is not correct as far as the impeachment of the President is concerned?
When a President is to be impeached for violation of the constitution the charges can be preferred by either House of Parliament
A resolution containing such charges can be moved after at least fourteen day’s notice in writing signed by not less than one-fourth of the total number of members of that House has been given of their intention to move the resolution
Such a resolution has to be passed by a majority of not less than three-fourths of the total membership of the House which prefers to the charges
When a charge for impeachment has been preferred by either House of the parliament then the other House shall investigate the charge or Cause the charge to be investigate and the President shall have the right to appear and to be represented at such investigation through his attorney
Which one of the following is not a financial power of President of India?
No money bill can be introduced in the Lok Sabha without the prior approval of the President
The President causes the Budget to the laid before the Parliament
The President can pass the budget when the Lok Sabha has been dissolved
The President appoints the finance commission and elected members of state assemblies
………..was the last Governor general of India:
C. Rajgopalachari
Lord Mountbatten
Dr. Rajendra Prasad
None of the above
Who was the first President of India?
Dr. Radhakrishanan
Dr. Zakir Hussain
C. Rajgopalachari
Dr. Rajendra Prasad
The executive power of the Union is vested in the:
Speaker of Lok Sabha
Vice-President of India
President of India
Prime Minister of India
If the President wants to resign, to whom shall he address his letter of resignation?
Speaker of Lok Sabha
Prime Minister
Chief Justice of India
Vice-President of India
……..raised the controversy over the Hindu Code Bill
Giani Zail Singh
Dr. Zakir Hussain
Sh. N. Sanjeeva Reddy
Dr. Rajendra Prasad
…….won election to the office of President as an independent candidate:
V.V. Giri
Dr. Radhakrishanan
Sh. N. Sanjeeva Reddy
Giani Zail Singh
Which of the following President was elected unanimously?
Dr. Rajendra Prasad
Dr. Radhakrishanan
Sh. N. Sanjeeva Reddy
Giani Zail Singh
Which of the following President did not give his assent to Indian Postal Bill?
Dr. Zakir Hussain
Dr. Radhakrishanan
Giani Zail Singh
Dr. Rajendra Prasad
The Constituent Assembly Completed its work of Constitution making on:
26 August, 1949
26 September, 1949
26 October, 1949
26 November, 1949
The Central minister must be a member of:
Lok Sabha
Rajya Sabha
Legislative Assembly
The Councils of Ministers does not include:
Ministers of States
Deputy Ministers
Parliamentary Secretaries
Cabinet Ministers
The functions of the Council of Ministers do not include:
Execution of Policies
Formulation of Policies
Making of Laws
Administration of laws
Which one of the following Articles speaks about the duties of the Prime Minister?
Article 87
Article 78
Article 68
Article 58
Who is the Chairman of Political affair Committee?
Prime Minister
Finance Minister
Parliamentary Affairs Minister

This is a 25 question-test in the test series of 15 tests of Public Administration Paper of Civil Services Examination (Preliminary). This will also help students to prepare for the state civil services examination other than UPSC. The questions covered here are broadly covers the syllabus of most PCS Examinations conducted by SSC of different tests.


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