Public Administration for Civil Services Examinations: Test 12 of 15

In the election of the Vice-President each member of the electoral college enjoys:
Three votes only
Ten votes only
One vote only
Four votes only
A candidate for the post of Vice-President must possess the qualifications prescribed for the election of a member of:
The Parliament
The Lok Sabha
The Rajya Sabha
The Council of Ministers
The Vice-President can relinquish his office by addressing his resignation to the:
Chairman, Rajya Sabha
Speaker, Lok Sabha
Chief Justice of India
The Constitution’s…….about the re-election of the Vice-President:
Article 114 deals
Article 15 deals
Article 269 deals
Is absolutely silent
Under which of the following Amendment has it been laid down that the President is bound to accept the advice of the Cabinet?
Twenty-Fourth Amendment
Thirty-sixty Amendment
Forty-Second Amendment
Forty-Third Amendment
No bill, resolution, motion or question can be moved in the Rajya Sabha without the permission:
The Deputy Chairman of Rajya Sabha
The Vice-President of India
The Minister of Parliamentary Affairs
The President
When a President dies, the Vice-President of India can hold the office of President for a maximum period of:
Two years
One year
Six weeks
Six months
Generally, the Council of Ministers consists of about:
50-60 members
10-15 members
60-95 members
5-15 members
The formation of the Council of Ministers starts with the appointment of the:
The Vice-President
Speaker, Lok Sabha
Prime Minister
Generally, the Cabinet consists of:
50-60 members
12-20 members
5-7 members
80-85 members
Parliamentary Secretaries are appointed by:
Prime Minister
Minister of Parliamentary Affairs
In India the Council of Ministers consists of…….of Ministers
Four categories
Three categories
One category
Two categories
The Cabinet holds its meetings at least:
Once a week
Twice a week
Once in a year
Twice in a year
In the meetings of the cabinet ……. are present:
Only the Cabinet Ministers
Only the Deputy Ministers
Only the Ministers of states
None of the above
Under Article 56(a) the President by writing under his hand addressed to the
Chief Justice of the Supreme Court may resign his office
Prime Minister may resign his office
Speaker of the Lok Sabha may resign his office
Vice-President may resign his office
Decisions at the Cabinet Meetings are generally taken by:
Majority Votes
Secret Votes
None of the above
Who is merely the nominal or Constitutional head of the State:
The Prime Minister
The Vice-President
The President
The Cabinet Ministers
Each member of the Council of Minister is in charge of:
Only one department
Only three departments
Only two departments
One or more departments
The necessary supervision over the working of the various Ministries is exercised through the:
President Secretariat
The Central Secretariat
The Cabinet Secretariat
None of the above
The council of Ministers plays an important role in filling up ………… appointments:
All of the above
In reality …….. initiated by the council of ministers are readily accepted by the President:
Most of the proposals
All the proposals
Very few proposals
None of the above
………….determines the foreign policy of the country:
The Parliament
The Vice-President
The Council of Ministers
None of the above
The Federal Legislature in India is known as:
National Assembly
Rajya Sabha
Lok Sabha
Lok Sabha contains representatives of the:
None of the above
The Rajya Sabha consists of 250 members out of which ……represents the States:

This is a 25 question-test in the test series of 15 tests of Public Administration Paper of Civil Services Examination (Preliminary). This will also help students to prepare for the state civil services examination other than UPSC. The questions covered here are broadly covers the syllabus of most PCS Examinations conducted by SSC of different tests.


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