Public Administration for Civil Services Examinations: Test 2 of 15

Who appointed Lord Mountbatten as the Governor General of India on 15th August, 1947:
King of England on the advice of Council of Ministers in India
King of England on the advice of British Cabinet
The New Government of India
Mahatma Gandhi
Who administers the oath of office to the Chief Justice and the Judges of the Supreme Court?
Chief Justice of the Supreme Court
The Law Minister
The Vice-President
The President
“The officers of a permanent cadre at the Secretariat would lose touch with the life of India”. This view was expressed by:
Maxwell Committee
Planning Commission
Administrative Reforms Commission
Simon Commission
The British Crown assumed the responsibility for direct administration of India in the year:
The Public Works Department was created in the year:
Which of the Viceroys told the Europeans, “My work is administration and your work is exploitation”?
Lord Ripon
Lord Minto
Lord Dufferin
Lord Curzon
Indian administration is based on:
The French pattern
The English pattern
The Portuguese pattern
The American pattern
The institute of Civil Service in India evolved during the:
Nehru era
Pre-Mughal period
British period
None of the above
In which year was the supremacy of Governor-General established in the Executive Council by granting him an authority to override his council?
Which one of the following charter Act has been called as an “essentially” a consolidating measure by A.B. Keith?
The charter act of 1813
The charter act of 1833
The charter act of 1853
The charter act of 1793
………empower the Governor to reserve a bill passed by State legislature for the consideration of the President:
Articles200 and201
Articles100and 101
The Central Government has jurisdiction over:
97 subjects
90 subjects
93 subjects
103 subjects
The State List consists of:
96 subjects
97 subjects
66 subjects
56 subjects
The Concurrent List consists of:
47 subjects
57 subjects
87 subjects
183 subjects
The disputes between the Central Government and State Government are decided by:
Election Commission
Supreme Court
High Court
None of the above
An amendment to the Constitution regarding the creation of new states will require:
Two-third majority
One-third majority
Four-fifth majority
A simple majority
Fundamental rights are enshrined under Articles……….of the Indian Constitution:
18 to 48
13 to 38
12 to 35
11 to 25
Fundamental rights have been broadly divided into:
Three groups
Eleven groups
Eight groups
Six groups
The qualifying age for adult franchise in India is:
18 years
21 years
25 years
28 years
How many members of the Rajya Sabha can be nominated by President?
12 members
100 members
104 members
20 members
When a Bill is presented to the President for his assent he may:
Sign it
Return the Bill to the House
Refuse his signature
Any of the above
The advantage of a small Cabinet is
Less burden on the public exchequer
Eases the problem of co-ordination
Conducive to the fostering of team spirit
All of the above
In which year was an entirely separate secretariat set up for the government of India?
Under which of the following charter a provision for grant of rupee one lakh per year for encouragement and promotion of Indian literature and introduction of knowledge of science was made?
The charter Act of 1813
The charter Act of 1793
The charter Act of 1833
The charter Act of 1853
The Cabinet Secretariat has:
Two wings
Four wings
Three wings
None of the above

This is a 25 question-test in the test series of 15 tests of Public Administration Paper of Civil Services Examination (Preliminary). This will also help students to prepare for the state civil services examination other than UPSC. The questions covered here are broadly covers the syllabus of most PCS Examinations conducted by SSC of different tests.


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