Public Administration for Civil Services Examinations: Test 1 of 15

The Deputy Chairman of the Planning Commission is usually:
A Politician
A Scientist
An Economist
A Professor
The President of India enjoys the right to issue regulations with regard to the:
Andaman and Nicobar Islands
Lakshadweep Minicoy and Amindivi Islands
Both of the above
None of the above
The Indian constitution provides for:
Single citizenship
No citizenship
Double citizenship
None of the above
The reservation for Scheduled Castes/Scheduled tribes, as provided in the Constitution, has now been extended up to:
The Bills seeking to impose restrictions on freedom of trade, commerce or intercourse within the State can be introduced by the State Legislature only with the prior sanction of:
The Prime Minister
The President
The Governor
The Chief Minister of the State
In the Constitution of India the minimum age prescribed for the President is:
35 years
30 years
45 years
25 years
Which of the following bill can be introduced in the Parliament only with the prior sanction of the President?
All the Money Bills
Bills concerned with the alteration of the boundaries of the states
Both of the above
None of the above
With the approval of the Parliament an emergency under Article 352 can continue in the country for
A maximum period of five years
A maximum period of three years
A maximum period of ten years
An indefinite period
All the Bills passed by the Parliament require the assent of the:
Speaker of Lok Sabha
Chairman, Rajya Sabha
Chief Justice of India
The President has the power to reduce the salaries or allowances of all government servants during the
Presidential rule in a state
Emergency in the country due to external aggression
Emergency in the country due to internal disturbances
Financial emergency in the country
The President can nominate ………Anglo-Indian members to the Lok Sabha:
Four members
Twelve members
Twenty members
Two members
The President can address:
Either House or Parliament separately
Both the Houses of Parliament jointly
Both of the above
None of the above
Who plays the important role in the formation of policy
The legislature and judiciary
The civil service and the political wing
The civil service
Political wing
The President is an integral part of:
All the State Legislative Assemblies
The Council of Ministers
The Parliament
The Rajya Sabha only
Since its inception,………has been the Chairman of the Planning Comission:
The President
The Planning Minister
The Prime Minister
None of the above
Who appoints the Ambassadors and other diplomatic envoys?
The Foreign Minister
The Prime Minister
The President
The Foreign Secretary
The functions of Council of Ministers do not include:
Execution of Policies
Administration of Justice
Making of laws
Formulation of Policies
Who appoints the Commissioner for Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes and Backward Classes?
The Chairman, U.P.S.C.
The Home Minister
The Prime Minister
The President
When was a Board of Control with the Cabinet Minister as its chairman to control the administration of Indian territories established in England?
The Regulating Act 1773
The Pitts India Act, 1784
The charter Act 17
None of the above
Who among the following has the power to declare war and make peace?
Prime Minister
Defence Minister
The Constitution, vests …….of the Union in the President:
All the executive authority
Most of the executive authority
Some executive authority
None of the above
In the absence of President, if the Vice-President is not available to discharge the duties of the President then ……… acts as President:
The Chief Justice of India
The Prime Minister
The Speaker of Lok Sabha
The Senior most member of Parliament
If the office of President of India falls vacant, fresh elections must be held within ……. Of the occurrence of the vacancy:
One year
Two years
Six weeks
Six months
When did the British crown assume the responsibility for direct administration of India?
Under the Constitution of India, the President is …….. for re-election:
Not eligible
Not allowed
None of the above

This is a 25 question-test in the test series of 15 tests of Public Administration Paper of Civil Services Examination (Preliminary). This will also help students to prepare for the state civil services examination other than UPSC. The questions covered here are broadly covers the syllabus of most PCS Examinations conducted by SSC of different tests.



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