Geography for General Studies Test 20 of 20

The gravitational pull on the earth is about…. Times that on the moon
The gravitational pull at the lunar surface is …. That of earth.
The Global Shortwave Radiation Cascade describes
The energy that leaves the earth’s surface
The relative amounts of shortwave radiation partitioned to various atmospheric process as it passes through the atmosphere
The transfer of heat into the atmosphere by conduction and convection
The emission of shortwave radiation on earth
The global patterns of annual insolation receipts is produced by
Earth-sun relationships (that is, angle of incidence and day length variations)
Modification of the solar beam as it passes through the atmosphere
The combined effect of both (1) and (2)
None of the above
The Global Long wave Radiation Cascade indicates
That energy leaves the earth’s surface through different processes
That 7 units leave the surface as sensible heat
That heat is transferred into the atmosphere by conduction and convection
All of the above
The giant panda, an endangered species, is a native of
Western China
The geographical explorer who sailed round the world for the first time was
Thomas Cook
Robert Peary
The general warming of global temperatures indicate that the mass balance of glaciers are negative because
Of less snow accumulation
Of higher levels of ablation
Both (1) and (2)
None of the above
The gases of the greenhouse effect are
Water vapour and carbon dioxide
Only carbon dioxide
Only water vapour
Water vapour, carbon dioxide and methane
The frozen ground that exists in the sediments beneath sea water is called
Discontinuous permafrost
Sporadic permafrost
Subsea permafrost
Alpine permafrost
The frontal depressions are
The cyclonic depressions developed in Atlantic and pacific oceans
Cyclones developed in temperate low-pressure zone
Cyclones developed in equatorial region
None of the above
The fracturing causing weathering in rocks occur due to
Breaking of particles by the consumption of soil particles by animals
Animals burrowing
Pressure put forth by growing roots
All of the above
The formation of which of the following soils results from the leaching away of the siliceous matter of the rocks?
The formation of dolomite involves
The chemical modification of limestone deposits by a mg-rich solution
The physical modification of limestone deposits by a Mg-rich solution
Both (1) and (2)
None of the above
The food chain involves the flow of energy in the form of food from
Lower to higher level
Higher to lower level
Lower to middle level
Middle to lower level
The fog formed during a snowstorm or rainstorm, if the snow or rain passes through a layer of air that is cooler than the precipitation is called
Advection fog
Radiation fog
Upslope fog
Precipitation fog
The flow of water through a stream channel is called
Stream flow
Stream discharge
Stream debris
The fishing grounds in the Pacific ocean, the world’s greatest fishing regions, lie between the
Berring sea and the East China sea
Berring sea and the Mediterranean sea
Arabian sea and the Mediterranean sea
Mediterranean sea and the North sea
The first planet or natural satellite to be orbited by a man made object is
The first man to orbit the earth is
Neil Armstrong
Yuri Gagarin
Johan Young
Michael Collins
The first lighting conductor was devised by…. In the year…..
Alessandro Volta, Italy 1800
Thomas Alva Edison, USA 1879
Hypolite Pixii, France, 1832
Benjamin Franklin, USA, 1752
The firm limit or snowline is
The line of separation between zone of accumulation and zone of ablation
Upper limit of zone of accumulation
Upper limit of zone of ablation
Lower limit of zone of ablation
The fault which occur when tensional forces act in opposite direction and cause one slab of the rock to be displaced up and the other slab down is called
Normal fault
Graben fault
Transform fault
Horst fault
The fastest rotation planet is

This is a test under a series of 20 tests. Each test includes 25 questions and helps to check one’s prepareness for General Studies and Geography paper for Civil Servics Examination of UPSC and PCS both.


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