Geography for General Studies Test 14 of 20

The Marianas trench in the Pacific ocean is created by collision of the fast moving pacific plate against the slower moving Philippines plate is an example of
Oceanic-oceanic convergence
Oceanic-continental convergence
Continental-continental convergence
None of the above
The mapping of which of the following is most difficult?
Plateaus and plains
Interior of the earth
Oceans and their depth
The Malwa plateau comprises the …..part f central highlands.
The major source of irrigation in Punjab, Uttar Pradesh and Haryana is
All of the above
The major source of diamonds are
Kimberlite pipes
Acidic socks
Basic socks
Various mineral containing carbon
The major role played in the last few decades climate changes is by
Carbon dioxide
Water vapours
The major rivers that flow into the Arabian sea are
Godavari and Mahanadi
Cauvery and Krishna
Narmada and Tapti
Ganga and Brahmaputra
The major pedogenic process acting on soils at the macro scale are
Laterisation and podsolisation
Calcification and salinisation
Salinisation and gleisation
All of the above
The major motion of the planet includes
Both (1) and (2)
Any of these depending upon the question under consideration
The major graphite producing country is
Sri Lanka
The major geological events of the Paleozoic era include
Caledonian mountains rise, life comes ashore
Appalachians and central European mountains come up
Both (1) and (2)
None of the above
The major events of Pre-Cambrian era include
Formation of crust, continents, ocean
Formation of crust, birth of oldest known rock, origin of life
Formation of present day atmosphere
Formation of crust, continents, ocean; birth of oldest known rock, origin of life and Formation of present day atmosphere
The major crude oil markets are the
Middle East regions
Far east regions
Both (1) and (2)
None of the above
The major crops found in Sudan are
Rice, barley, bananas, cocoa
Maize, cotton, bananas, groundnut
Bajra, oats, tobacco
Wool, wine, jute
The major countries of the Middle East are
Iran, Iraq, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait
UAE, Jordon, Syria, Lebanon, Yemen
Israel, Turkey, Cyprus, Afghanistan
All of the above
The major countries of central America are
Belize, Costa, Rica, Panama
China, Taiwan, Japan
Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait
All of the above
The major control over the developing slope is exerted by
Inputs to the hill slope
Outputs from the hill slope
Balance between inputs and outputs from the hill slope system
None of the above
The major cause of species extinction is
Agricultural activities
Extraction (including mining, fishing, logging)
Development (human settlements, industry)
Habitat loss and degradation
The main watershed of most of the peninsular river lies in the
Aravalli hills
Raj Mahal hills
Siwalik hills
Western Ghats
The main vegetation of the steppe type climatic regions is
Evergreen forests
Evergreen deciduous forests
Large grasslands
Coniferous forests
All of the above
The main tributaries of Indus river system are
The Jhelum, the Chenab, the Ravi
The Beas, the Sutlej
Both (1) and (2)
None of the above
The main properties of cosmic ray particle are
Its electric charge
Its rest mass
Its energy
All of these are its properties
The main producers of free gas are
The south Bassein and Tapti fields in the western offshore
The gas fields in Tripura and Andhra Pradesh (KG Basin)
Both (1) and (2)
None of the above
The main periods of Mesozoic era include
Triassic period and Cretaceous period
Jurassic period and Triassic period
Triassic period, Jurassic period and Cretaceous period
Cretaceous and Jurassic period

This is a test under a series of 20 tests. Each test includes 25 questions and helps to check one’s prepareness for General Studies and Geography paper for Civil Servics Examination of UPSC and PCS both.



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