Geography for General Studies Test 13 of 20

The moon orbits the earth at a mean distance approximately
0.384 million km
149.6 million km
579 million km
227.9 million km
The moon
Is the natural satellite of earth
Has no liquid water
Has no atmosphere
All of the above
The middle latitude extends between
23½° North to 23½° South
23½° and 66°, in both the hemisphere
66° North to 66° South
North Pole and South Pole
The mica belt of the Himalayas, the major part of it, is situated in
Andhra Pradesh
West Bengal
The metamorphism which involves the chemical replacement of elements n rock minerals when gases and liquids permute into bedrock is called
Metasomatic and metamorphism
Dynamic and metamorphism
Thermal metamorphism
Contact metamorphism
The meridian passing through London is called the
Tropic of Cancer
Prime Meridian or 0° Meridian
Tropic of Capricorn
The mean surface temperature of the sun is estimated to be order of
The mean radius of the earth is approximately
3,200 km
6,400 km
9,600 km
12,800 km
The mean distance from the earth from the sun is approximately
149,503,000 km
150,503,000 km
148,000,000 km
150,000,000 km
The monsoon climatic regions are
South east Asia including Australia, Africa, America
Europe and South America
Asia, Africa and Antarctica
None of the above
The mean basin area of successive ordered streams formed a linear relationship when graphed. This statement is given by
Morphometric analysis
Law of drainage composition
Law of basin areas
None of the above
The monetary currency of Greece is
The modern theory of plate tectonics states
The creation of oceanic crust and the drifting of continents
The convection currents within the earth’s mantle cause the creation of new oceanic crust at the mid oceanic ridges
That oceanic crust is destroyed at areas where this crust type becomes subducted under the lighter continental crust
All of the above
The model which explains the various types of igneous rocks
Rock cycle
Bowens reaction series
Both are similar terms
None of the above
The model that describes how various geological create, modify and influence rocks are called
Water cycle
Energy cycle
Rock cycle
None of the above
The Mistral is
Very cold wind, which blows down from the plateau of central France
Swift, dry, cold, northerly wind that blows down from the western Alps and the plateau of southern France and out over the Mediterranean
Wind that blows for 100 days a year and may cause extensive frost damage to plants
All of the above
The minor planets revolving between the orbits of Jupiter and Mars are called
The Ministry of Water Resources lays down policies and the programmes for the development and regulation of the country’s water resources. It covers
Sartorial planning, coordination and policy guidelines
Technical examination and techno-economic appraisal of project providing central assistance to specific projects
Facilitation of external assistance and assistance in resolution of resolution of interstate water disputes, policy formulation planning and development of ground water resources
All of the above
The minimum values of annual receipts of solar radiation occur at
The equator
The tropics
The equator
None of the above
The minerals of sulphide group are
All of the above
The mineral resources of north-eastern zone include
Coal, Fe, Mn, Cu, Mica, U, diamond
Crude petroleum and natural gas
Fe, Au (gold)
Natural gas, Fe, Au, Mn, U
The maximum soil fertility occurs in the pH range of
5.0 to 6.2
6.0 to 7.2
7.0 to 8.2
4.0 to 5.2
The maximum ozone concentration in the atmosphere occurs at about …….above average sea level.
200 km
25 km
80 km
500 km
The maximum density of canals is in which of the following states?
Tamil Nadu
Uttar Pradesh
Andhra Pradesh
The mass of earth is ….. times greater than the mass of the moon.

This is a test under a series of 20 tests. Each test includes 25 questions and helps to check one’s prepareness for General Studies and Geography paper for Civil Servics Examination of UPSC and PCS both.



but latest researches has shown that moon has a water

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