AIEEE Kinametics Online Test

The magnitude of the resultant of two equal vectors is equal to the magnitude of either vector.

What is the angle between the two vectors?

Given A B = 0 and A x C = 0. What is the angle between B and C?

Two persons P and Q are standing 54 m apart on a long moving belt. Person P rolls a round stone towards person Q with a speed of 9 ms¯¹ with respect to the belt. If the belt is moving with a speed of 4 ms¯¹ in the direction from P to Q, what is the speed of the stone with respect to an observer on a stationary platform?

A freely falling body, falling from a tower of height h covers a distance h/2 in the last second of its motion. The height of the tower is (take g = 10 ms¯²) nearly

The displacement y (in metres) of a body varies with time t (in seconds) as

How long does the body take to come to rest?


This short test will give you an idea about the questions related to kinametics


Anurag Kar

perfect 5

4074 days 19 hours 43 minutes ago

Akshay Aggarwal

if this is going to come i am surely to top aieee.Man this is far from it

4178 days 12 hours 52 minutes ago

mounica prativada

its good
but i dont think it is aieee level

4187 days 10 hours 56 minutes ago

Arman Singh

Perfect 5.
Was too short. Was it of EEE level(I guess it was very easy)

4256 days 18 hours 42 minutes ago

deepan deenadayalan

please explain 3,4,5

4259 days 40 minutes ago

patel asfarkhan munnawarkhan

pritty good

4265 days 14 hours 46 minutes ago

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