Geography for General Studies Test 4 of 20

The world’s longest on land mountain range is
The Australian Alps
Himalayan chain
The Rockie Mountains
The Andes
The world’s largest salt water lake is
The Dead sea
The Caspian sea
The Aral sea
The Black sea
The world’s largest peninsula is the
Indian peninsula
Malaysian peninsula
Arabian peninsula
Iberian peninsula
The world’s largest island is
Sri Lanka
The weather variations that are excessive during a given time span are called
The waves produced by shear stresses and move the materials they pass through, in a perpendicular direction are called
Seismic waves
Body waves
The water that condenses on cool objects in warm air are called
Water vapour
The water in the ocean basins is believed to originate from
The condensation of water found in the early atmosphere
Volcanic action
Comets entering the earth’s atmosphere
All of the above
The water cycle takes place in which sphere of atmosphere?
The water cycle is
Exchange of water between the earth and atmosphere
Movement of water between the earth and atmosphere
Both (1) and (2)
None of the above
The warming up of earth’s surface may lead to
Melting of polar ice caps
Rise in sea level
Both (1) and (2)
None of the above
The world’s largest archipelago is
The warmest temperature at a particular location on earth occur when that location
Is tilted towards the sun
Is tilted away from the sun
Depends upon whether that area is experiencing summer or winter
None of the above
The world’s highest plateau is the
The world comprises…. Sovereign countries and…. Non-sovereign.
183, 20
20, 183
100, 103
103, 100
The world’s greatest earthquake when 80 per cent city was destroyed took place in
Al Asnam in Algeria
Aswan in Egypt
Barcelona in Spain
Armero in Colombia
The winter solstice occurs when
The south pole tilts towards the sun and north pole away from the sun.
The sunshine’s directly over the Tropic of Cancer
It occurs on or around December 22
All of the above
The winds which blow seasonally are known as
Periodical or secondary winds
Planetary or primary winds
Local or tertiary winds
Regular winds
The wind pattern over the globe is generated by
The unequal heating of the earth’s surface
The unequal cooling of the earth’s surface
The unequal temperature transfer of the earth’s surface
The unequal pressure of the earth’s surface
The western Ghats monsoon forests occur on
The western (coastal) margins if the Ghats
The eastern side of western Ghats
Both (1) and (2)
Only at the central area
The western boundary currents flow from
Equator to high latitudes
High latitudes to equator
Equator to low latitudes
Low latitudes to equator
The weight of water vapour contained in a volume of air is known as
Relative humidity
Absolute humidity
Specific humidity
Average humidity
The weight of a body is highest at the
Tropic of Cancer
Tropic of Capricorn
The warmest sea amongst the following is
The Tasma sea
The Baltic sea
The Beaufort sea
The Red sea
The volcanoes of the Hawaiian islands belong to which type of volcano?
Basalt plateau
Cinder cone
Shield volcanoes
Composite volcanoes

This is a test under a series of 20 tests. Each test includes 25 questions and helps to check one’s prepareness for General Studies and Geography paper for Civil Servics Examination of UPSC and PCS both.


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