Geography for General Studies Test 3 of 20

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III and IV
I and IV
II and III
Trade winds are
Steady currents of air
So named because prior to the steam age, sailing ships carrying goods of trade and cargo depended on these winds
Winds that blow towards the equator between 5° and 30° north and south latitude
All of the above
Torrid zone is a region
Lying between 23½° north and 23½°south of the equator
Lying between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn
Of hottest zone because the sun’s rays fall almost vertical in this region
All of the above
Together the basement rocks and continental platform form
Continental craton
Continental margins
Continental shield
None of the above
To which of the following types does the natural vegetation of the western Ghats belong?
To which of the following eras does the Aravalli System belong?
To ensure uninterrupted supply of crude to the refineries and to the market fir final consumption f petroleum products, measures taken are
Working out a strategy for each fiscal year for the import of crude oil by Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas
Requirement is met through term contracts or term tenders
For ensuring timely availability of oil, monthly tenders may be finalized
All of the above
Tides are the rise and fall in the level of the oceans and seas is due to the
Gravitational pull of the moon and the sun
Centrifuged force set up by the rotation of the earth and the moon round their common centers
All of the above
Tides are periodic, primarily because of
Cyclical influence of the earth’s rotation
Earth’s gravity pulling
Moon’s gravitational force
None of the above
Tidal forest is
Found in coastal plains that are generally submerged
On deltas of rivers on the east coast
These forests on the Ganges delta in Bengal are called Sunderbans
All of the above
Through flow normally takes place when the soil is ….. with water.
Completely saturated
Partially saturated
None of the above
Through which of the following countries does the river Tigris flow?
Thimphu is the capital of
Sri Lanka
Thermal metamorphism involves
Heating and structural and chemical alternation of rocks through plate tectonics process
Larger scale heating and modification of rocks
Small scale heating and alternation of rocks
None of the above
There is continual daylight or summer in the Arctic regions from
21st March to 21st June
21st March to 21st September
21st December to 21st March
21st June to 21st December
There is a sudden reduction to the stream’s velocity at the place where
Channel leaves the mountainous terrain
Channel enter a landscape
Both (1) and (2)
None of the above
There are…. major eras in modern geological time scale.
Only two
There are….. major continents on the earth’s surface.
Thein Dam across the river Ravi in Gurdaspur district of Punjab was constructed for
Power and irrigation
Flood control
Development of industries and fisheries
All of the above
The zones to the west of international Date Line are numbered from 1-12 with the prefix
Minus (-)
Add (+)
Both (1) and (2)
Any of the above
The zones to the east of international Date Line are numbered from 1-12 with the prefix
Minus (-)
Add (+)
Both (1) and (2)
Any of the above
The zone of asteroids is located between the planets
Earth and Venus
Mercury and Venus
Mars and Jupiter
Earth and Mars
The young sols, found in glacial deposits and relatively recent deposits of stream alluvium are called
The yearly path of the sun across the celestial sphere is a great circle called
None of the above
The world’s major commercial fishing grounds are located in the
Temperate water of tropical seas
Warm waters of seas in the southern hemisphere
Equatorial waters
Cool waters of the northern hemisphere in comparatively higher latitudes

This is a test under a series of 20 tests. Each test includes 25 questions and helps to check one’s prepareness for General Studies and Geography paper for Civil Servics Examination of UPSC and PCS both.


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