Mental Ability, Reasoning Online Test

Find the next number in the series

1 0 2 1 3 5 4 23 ___

Make 576 using four 2's

Create 60 using two 4s and a single 0

Create 576 using 6 zeroes

Find the odd one out


Try it out


Patel Devang

Find aptitude questions solution Here.

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517 days 15 hours 41 minutes ago

Patel Devang

start to crack exam easily for reasoning here.

focused only get marks.

517 days 16 hours 45 minutes ago

mamina mohanty

please give the solution.

1874 days 13 hours 30 minutes ago

Reshmi S

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1970 days 11 hours 28 minutes ago

jagadeesh 5th Question odd one ..explain it me it is 83. and wt abt 2nd question it can b written as
[2(2 2)]^2.can u explain why not.

it is better to give explanation...for reasoning...
thank u for good questions..
plz clear ...

1970 days 14 hours 30 minutes ago

Panchali Sen

Hi!Reshmi I want to explanation of Q3

1980 days 4 hours 11 minutes ago

Reshmi S

Does anybody want to know the methods of solving?

1980 days 15 hours 46 minutes ago

Reshmi S

If anybody is interested in learning more, you may very well ask me.
You can also suggest the type of questions you need

1981 days 2 hours 36 minutes ago

Reshmi S

These questions helps you in improving your power of Reasoning

1981 days 3 hours 34 minutes ago

Reshmi S
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